Bhagwad Gita – Jeevan saar

The first time ever in my life had picked up the book ‘Gita Saar’ for my mother in law when she was on her death bed. The pain and agony of her was unbearable. However, I decided to read this small book to her thinking that it would give her some relief by listening to those 18 verses of Gita. I mentally became strong and started with ‘Pehlo Adhaya’.

Gradually, as I was reading the versus in a way what ever I could pronounce as I had learned Sanskrit in my school days long back, I observed that my mom in law was responding to what I was reading to her. This gave me the strength to read the entire book for her.

The explanation of the same verse was given in Gujarati which helped me understand the Saar of Gita. It was really interesting and it gave me some kind of relaxation during those crucial days of my life.

Hence, the purpose for me selecting the Bhagvad Gita stands there.

It was a tool for me, infact my family members as well to resist from the mental and emotional stress that we were undergoing. Since I had read it aloud it my family members were also getting soothing effect of krishna’s saar.

“Hun tamara ma samyelo chu, mane kyan shodhvani jarror nathi”.

“Karma karo Fal ni Icchha na rakho”.

I completely believe this line because whatever karma you have done the results will be followed accordingly.

“Saara karma nu fal saru hase, ane jo tame koi vastu thi pidata haso to eno matalab ke mara kharab karma ne lidhe hun pidav chu. Aa gyan to mara sasu e mane apyu che je Gita ma varnan karyu che”.

Few of my learnings that i picked up are:

1) Karma: Perform your duties in a right way you will always get best out of it, whatever the situation comes.

2) Dharma: Doing regular puja is something which is difficult for me but learning that ‘Work is Worship’ I don’t feel guilty when I don’t do the puja in my ‘Devasthan’.
Keeping my family members happy is a best way of puja for me. Helping out someone in need is my dharma.
3) Giving advice to some one is an insult.

4) Raga means you desire to have something. Dvesha means something that you don’t desire.
5) If you have you Goals in front of you you will always try to find solution for your problems some way or other.

To conclude, being selfless in my karma and dharma is the ultimate pleasure which I gain without any pain.


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