The essence of Bhagavad Gita- It’s a step to achieve highly productive life – by Mr. Gagan Gupta

It starts with the chanting of informative shlokas, which have deep intense meaning beneath it. It’s not about any religion, not any god, it’s about achieving satisfaction in life with your karmas. Karmas are our deeds, whether done in this life or previous, it affects results. Karma yoga which means taking results of our own actions. There were many key learnings to me, let me talk one by one – the first one was about acceptance, which means everything is given by the giver, take it as Prasada, the beauty of nature, the mother, father, spouse, reality of life, the situations the giver has given to you, your happiness is in your hands. It goes with another essence of it which says that let not another person, or external thoughts travel in your brain, which obstacle your happiness. Let me share more about it, there are 2 other terms called Raga and Dvesha, Raga – What I want, Dvesha- What I don’t want. Our happiness is dependent on them, it’s simple to understand if I get what my raga is, I am happy, in contrast to it, If I got my Davesha, I will never be satisfied. So, be I, me and my, let’s not depend on such external things which will affect your inner peace.To practice this we need to believe that it is coming from Ishwara, the giver, once we start believing, we will be able to manage our Raga and Dvesha and make our life easy and filled with contentment. To build it further, meditation was really helpful, which helped me to accept the people the way they are and set them free from my expectations and love the world as it is. It helps me to understand the Dharma, my responsibility, it shifted my paradigm from a religion word – Dharma to its actual meaning that Dharma says Do what might be done, now here we humans have the power and skills given by the Ishwara to decide what is to be done ( the appropriate actions, our informed choices) which decide our destiny, maybe. It also depends on paap, punya which are associated with our karmas. Mr. Gagan Gupta, our teacher mentioned about the two kinds of results driyshum and adrishyum results, which means visible and invisible results occurred which are based on our actions. He taught us the value of following the value of dharma. There are many ways which help us to debit our punya account like, watering plants, helping others, and the best way for me is ‘Prayer’. Why is prayer best? because it helps to control that situation in our life which are unwanted and which we can’t control. There were many more beautiful and informative insights by Mr. Gagan Gupta which were helpful to know and understand that we are here to perform our duties, we are sent by the creator of this Jagat just to perform as per his demands.
Overall, these 5 sessions gave me a big learning that accept every person, every moment and perform our dharma, enjoy life, help me feel contented.

Chesta Dhingra


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