My learning from Geeta classes

I was extremely happy when I came to know that Geeta classed are going to happen in Fs as I was willing to know about Geeta knowledge since last one year.

I feel that it is a privilege to attend Gagan sir’s sessions as he has plentiful knowledge about Geeta and he conducts the classes marvellously. He doesn’t restrict himself to Geeta knowledge only but also shares his life experiences which help us to be familiar with many new things.

My first doubt was whether all the holy books of Hindus like Ramayan/Mahabharat/Geeta are real or friction. But SIr explained it very convincingly that whether or not they are real, they provide a lot of learning about how to live our life . They are like the lighthouse.

Because of time constraint, it is not possible to understand each and every verse of Geeta but I am happy that we are able get the gist of important verses.

Here are few points which I remember from the classes:

  • We have abundance of desires. It is healthy to have desires as it is privilege to human being. It is also healthy to act upon our desires.Having desires is not the root cause of our unhappiness but expectation of desired results of our actions  makes us down. THE IMPORTANT LESSON LEARNT FROM THE GEETA IS TAKE ACTIONS BUT DROP THE RESPONSIBILITY OF RESULTS AS RESULTS ARE ALWAYS TAKEN CARE OF. We must accept every result as ‘Prasada’ from God.
  • It is impossible not to get affected by results but the extent we have knowledge and the extent we grow is the extent we recover back to our center.
  • We have a lot of emotions but ANGER AND FEAR are basic ones and if we take care of them, other emotions will follow. To overcome anger, write it down as writing is catharsis and help us to release the anger. Fear can be overcome by autosuggestion. Say this line when fearful ‘I welcome fear. I am not afraid of fear.’
  • Our expectation from us make us unhappy. We always want more than what we have no matter how much we have. If I have scooter, I will want a small car, then will want an expensive car and then will desire for more expensive one…and this goes on! We are never satisfied with what we are and what we have. It means we are never happy!
  • We must accept ourselves as we are. We tend to make mistakes but any wrong action is a learning. The learning is not that ‘I will not do it again’ because many a times we make mistakes repeatedly. But it is the learning about SELF LIMITATION! (Aha moment for me!).
  • One more AHA MOMENT was to know about maker and material. The myth we are listening since childhood is that God made the world. If it is true then where was the material that God used to make the world? It means that material should be somewhere away from maker and there should be space between maker and material but space is also created by God so there can’t be space between maker and material which leads to the conclusion that MAKER AND MATERIAL ARE ONE! What a fantastic and logical way to explain! I have read  a lot of time that God is everywhere and try to see the God in everything in this world but I could not connect. But now I am completely convinced that God made the world from NOTHING ELSE.
  •  Our body is given to us as prasada. We are just the trustee. We should develop this trustee attitude to everything as it is a shock absorber.
  • Shanti is our basic nature. We have to do a lot of things for ashanti but WE HAVE TO DO NOTHING FOR SHANTI.
  • Our happiness lies in RAGA AND DWESHA. Raga means what I want to have and Dwesha means what I don’t want to have. Raga means a binding desire not the simple desire. Simple desire don’t affect us if not fulfilled but binding desires make us unhappy if not fulfilled. So to be happy, be detached to them. It is difficult to control them but what we can do is, let them manifest, do action and accept the results.
  • KARMAYAGA: I got a very good understanding of Karmayoga during today’s session. Yoga is skill and action. We are given the free will to perform the action and also the knowledge to use it appropriately. So we can decide the appropriate or inappropriate actions. Appropriate action is the action that does not cause any harm to others. Dharma is causing least amount of disturbance to others. DHARMA MUST BE OUR MAIN PURSUIT IN LIFE.
  •  When we take inappropriate action, we may be benefited from it but it causes disturbance in us. Because our consciousness knows that the action is wrong. So when we act against our consciousness, it develops knower-doer split. Moreover we have to compensate it in future. So we should try  to follow Dharma in everyday situations which can be difficult but possible.
  • There is always cause and effect in the universe. That means whatever we do now, we have to face the consequences later on. Also, whatever we are facing now is the result of our past actions. So we must follow dharma always.

Overall, an amazing learning! Looking forward for remaining sessions 🙂

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