Accepting Myself!

After todays sharing (biggest pain area and problem) I feel the complexities of thoughts within me. I realised that few things that are in my control needs attention now! I am so thankful to my facilitators as well as group members for questioning me and helping me to reach upto some idea of my prime thought (its huge victory for me!) Till now I was just running away (or taking short term measures – pointed out very well by Shalini) from issues.

Well now things seem complicated as i need to put in much efforts but the best part is I know where to put efforts. But all this will happen only once I ACCEPT MYSELF!

Thanks a lot to every person involved in this process.

Also I read this in Vardan sir’s post which I completely agree now! —- “At the end of the workshop sessions, I almost seem to be in a daze. There is a feeling of tremendous “love”, feel-good and well-being in the air, which I know that all of us have experienced.”

Thanks! 🙂

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  • Vardan Lalitkumar Kabra

    Thanks Shezin for being the first one to post after my reminder. It’s a fantastic achievement and feeling to realize your prime thoughts.

    And all of us have the tendency to run away from the real issues. That’s where workshops like these help you get the necessary perspective.

    Keep sharing people!

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