Bhagavad gita

The subject matter of the Gita is in fact which has learning to the journing of life .It is Hindu texts which has sholkas with descriptions . sholkas are connections with our  life.

I want to bring discipline in my life .I want to bring change in my life.

we need to think and focus on our own actions .We are responsible for our own elevation or debasement. Elevate yourself through the power of your mind, and not degrade yourself, for the mind can be the friend and also the enemy of the self.When we suffer reversals on the path of spiritual growth, we tend to complain that others have caused havoc to us and they are our enemies. However, our biggest enemy is our own mind.we need to travel our own path .


We have the right to do our duty, but the results are not dependent only upon our efforts. A number of factors come into play in determining the results.

our efforts, destiny (our past karmas), the will of God, the efforts of others, the cumulative karmas of the people involved, the place and situation  etc. Now if we become anxious for results, we will experience anxiety whenever they are not according to our expectations.

if God did not supply our body-mind-soul mechanism with the power to perform actions, we could have done nothing. Thus, we must give up the ego of doing, remembering that God is the only source of the power by which we perform all our actions.

Do not be attached to inaction. Although the nature of the living being is to work, often situations arise where work seems burdensome and confusing. In such cases, instead of running away from it, we must understand and implement the proper science of work.

When we understand that the effort is in our hands, not the results, we then concern ourselves only with doing our duty. The results are for the pleasure of God, and so we dedicate them to him. Now, if the results are not to our expectations, we calmly accept them as the will of God. In this way, we are able to accept fame and infamy, success and failure, pleasure and pain, as God’s will, and when we learn to embrace both equally, we develop the equanimity that sholka   2- 48 talks about

we need to think positive and what we get is parasad .

The problem that we face is a conflict between emotions and Dharma /duty . The recurring problem is the constant thought that I need to face and except it will come and go .IT is like seasons it will follows everyday we need to find the solution of the problem.

I still have is about the cycle of the ‘drishta(visible) and adrishta(invisible) or my paap and punya’. I understand that everything that is happening is because of this past karma, however, what I fail to understand is when, because of my previous paap, something bad happens, how do I control my actions then and ensure that I don’t end up adding to my ‘paaps’. However, I am will do more learning on this .

Last but not the least, talking about raga and dvesha, Raga means desire and dvesha means what we don’t desire to happen.Raga and Dvesha are the two Doshas or faults in the mind that have brought us to this world.All the emotions come under the category of Raga-Dvesha.Pleasure and pain, Harsha and Soka are due to Raga-Dvesha. If Raga and Dvesha vanish from the mind, Harsha-Soka also will disappear.It was explained by an example: If an object gives pleasure, you get Raga for the object. But when there is Viyoga (separation) from the object, as in the case of death of your dear wife or son, you get immense pain which is indescribable.

before I end my reflection I would also like to mention that apart from learning Gita, it’s connection with our lives, I look forward to the wonderful vocabulary and phrases like- ‘when rubber hits the road’, ‘catch 22 situation’, ‘fortify yourself with breakfast’, let’s go on a detour and then we will pick up the thread again’; Guruji keeps using these and many more which makes me want to listen to him.

I will apply Guriji teachings in my life and read and learn new things on books on Gita  and try to apply and change in my life .

I will learn to open  more doors to dharma and do my duties to change my karma by doing best things



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