Geeta- Ancient Treasure Discovered In Modern Times.

“Karma”,”Krodh”, “Dharma”, “Phal”, “Yog”, “Karma Yoga”, “Raaga”, “Dvesha”,”Samskara”, “Brahman”, “Kama” and so many words I had heard before, little did I know that they had such deeper meanings.

The Bhagvad Geeta- a holy book providing the real “gyaan” of life. It has all the secrets, facts a human needs to live in this world. We tend to forget this ancient treasure that we possess and are just striving hard to look for successful formulas to live life. It is a discourse of immense spiritual value, for people who are engaged in the daily battles of life.

All the classes so far have been mind-altering. Opening doors for me to think about things with different perspectives and also the way Guruji relates it to the world we are living, that’s amazing.

There were several things that I learnt which are as follows:

1. Prayer is a willful action and it should be specific.

2. Do actions without any expectations.

3. Don’t be attached to inaction.

4. Anger is not a freewill. You cannot control it.

5. The more you you acknowledge your limitation the more you are at ease.

6. Yoga is a blessing. Do it regularly.

7. My happiness is not going to depend on the fulfillment of Raaga and Dveshas.

8. You create your own destiny.

9. “Saamanya Dharma”- I don’t want to be hurt and you don’t want to be hurt.

10. You need to invest in your own growth.

11. You don’t hold yourself responsible for the result of your action.

12. Behind every anger is pain.

13. Life is a celebration.

14. Guru is an institution.

15. Don’t look down on yourself.

16. Reaching out action and prayer are two ways to earn Punya.

The learning which struck a cord for me was:

Geeta has 2 level areas i.e Self-Growth and Self-Discovery.”I” have been given the capacity to grow.Out of so many human beings on this planet, the humans are privileged and I should not be loosing this opportunity.

I, first need to accept myself, the way I am . As Guruji said,” Be a good friend to yourself everything else will follow.”  Being kind to yourself is very important.

And also “Do actions and results will be taken care of”. This attitude will  help maintain a positive attitude which will lead to a happy life.

It does work, like seriously it does. It’s not that I had not read about it or wasn’t aware about these things. But I guess I procrastinated in implementing the same ,the above 2 principles I have adopted in my life and I am at peace with myself.

I am delighted that I have been part of Geeta Classes-the traditional essence with modern flavour!


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