Reflection of KALPANA IYER on life class.

It was a wonderful experience being a part of ‘Love Classes’. It gave me the insight to introspect myself and believe ‘Life is difficult’ and I am not the only one who is going through the pain of life and worries. As Scott says ”Without discipline, we can solve nothing. With only some discipline we can solve only some problems. With total discipline, we can solve all problems.” If we accept the truth we can face any challenges in our life.

It was an eye opener for me to understand about illegitimate pain and legitimate pain it will help me throughout my life. It also gave a glimpse about Misconceptions of love, Marriage, Forgiveness and Parenting which are the most important part of our life.

The life class lesson will always help to grow myself and become more independent and confident, it will help me to take any decision without being worried or petrified.

Love is selfless and if we extend ourselves it will surely lead to our spiritual growth.

I would like to thank our facilitators Ravindra sir and Sheila Madam throughout the life class journey. It was a wonderful experience as we team members including our facilitators shared our feelings together.

— On behalf of “Kalpana Iyer”

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