Nuestro Viaje

A little step …may be the beginning of a great journey.

Indeed little did we realise that these sessions would transform us so much.

Our journey like all the others definitely had started from “Why life classes?” and we were just happy with the fact that we will be together but trust me having this journey together was the best thing that has happened to us.

Nothing is constant in this world, things change, people change ,time changes and so have we but in a better way and the credit definitely goes to our life classes journey.

We started our journey from the station of “The 7 habits”. It  definitely has made our life easier. We have become better as a person. We learnt more about the art of  listening.We had great paradigms shift in these sessions.We  also learnt how to build an EBA and the most important thing that we learnt and have implemented in our lives be it professional or personal is “Clarifying Expectations”. Clarifying expectations remove the excess baggage that we always carry, it makes life simple and easy. It also gave us an enlightenment that a proper balance in all aspects of life is essential.Oh yes and how can we not mention those 4 quadrants which definitely made life super awesome especially professionally.



Then our second station was “Love”.  The sessions were just more than what we had thought. Earlier the focus was on self, now it had shifted to the people around us. Here we gained in depth knowledge about- pain, suffering, discipline,what is love, what is not love, myths about love,marriage , key principles of marriage,family and parenting. And trust me this particular year was an eye-opener as it cleared away all the myths we had. We definitely became more mature after completing the love classes.


Our last station was- “The Integrity”. Like finally we were here, few passengers had already reached their destination, few joined in here. “The more the merrier” was apt for the integrity batch of 2016-17. It was all about introspecting oneself and sharing. Yes, sharing!!! I know it seems like that we have been doing since last 2 years but trust us Integrity is all different.Sharing was an integral component of these sessions with healthy participation from each and every member. Even the silent personalities of the group spoke that served as an icing on the cake.

Our visits to places like “Civil Hospital” and “Old Age Home”  made us realize that we are blessed. We could see the irony of life in these places.Different people, different stories, different perspectives,happy faces, gloomy faces, hopes, disappointments and so on.


But we were glad that though for a while we could contribute to their lives.Just few random act of kindness gives such tranquility not only to the receiver but also to the doer.

Spreading happiness actually costs nothing!!!

Finally, our journey as the passengers of the Life Classes has come to an end. Though our journey and visiting these stations of the life classes have been relishing and beneficial for us.And we would like to thank all our facilitators and friends who have made wonderful contributions in our transformations.

“It’s good to have an end to a journey toward;but it’s the journey that matters, in the end.”-Ernest Hemingway.



Varssha Tulshiyani

Chandani Patel

Megha Chhatiawala


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