Love Class 2016-2017 Reflection

“Love class” the name tell us many things about the journey that we are about to finish but there is much more learning than these two words tells us. I learn many things from this life learning sessions. The thing that I really absorbed in my life was ‘Life is difficult’, I accepted this truth and its same for all. It might be a different situation for others but yes life is difficult.

For me life is difficult is because I always struggle with confronting and it requires a lot of courage for me to confront and also blaming myself for any act or problem that arise in my life.

Furthermore, I understood that there are different stages of marriage life and what I am experiencing is one of the stages of marriage life. We need to understand each other more and I have to give more time to my spouse.

Parenting one of my area of interest and I am very keen and attached to my kid. My learning from this class about parenting is I have to give quality time to my kid, I have to understand his requirements and teach him the importance of delayed gratification.

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