Parenting and Love

I never imagined I would be having a PD on Parenting during LOVE class !! The best part of it was, I got an opportunity to validate my parenting (some part of it) through various discussions and others’ points of view on the same. I also learned many new things.

Kids always imitate you. They often want to grow up fast and be like you. After this session, I can now connect how much I think alike or behave alike my parents. This has really helped me to cope up with several issues pertaining to my marriage and family. I am at least able to console or pacify myself when I get furious on someone. A thought pops in my mind – LET IT GO. Maybe, s/he has a bad day or its his/her upbringing. Through this, I learned to give space and show acceptance and empathy towards everyone.

I am happy that I got a chance to attend this session to improve in this journey called LIFE!!

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