The journey of Love

Life is easy when you accept that Life is difficult“. This is by far the best take away from this year’s Love classes. This statement stays with me during the tough times. This has helped me stay calm all through. Not just me, it has also helped my closed ones by giving them the understanding of the essence of this statement.

Forgiveness is not an emotion but a decision that we make for our own peace which helps us grow spiritually. Myths of parenting were an eye-opener for me. Vision of parenting showed me a lot of ways how I can be a better son and also work on learning to be a good parent. One thing that I would take away from my childhood is respecting child’s individuality and involving them in decision-making in early stages which will help them grow.

I would genuinely like to appreciate my facilitators, Nayna Ma’am and Anita Ma’am, who strived hard to make us understand the concepts when they went overhead, when we didn’t agree to the definition of Love and contradicted them.

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