Lessons of life

The other day I was taking circle time in my class.

Classroom scenario- Teacher standing in the center and students sitting in a circle.
Topic going on – as usual their complaints!!!
Round 1 – students to teacher- He is teasing me, they are calling me names, first he hit me so I also hit him back ma’am, I don’t like to sit with her, she is so irritating……and so on and so on…
Round 2- Teacher to students- trying to settle the students and bringing their attention to cooperation, understanding and tolerance.
The moment I said that you need to develop the power of “Tolerance” within you, one of the students asked me, ” ma’am, I knew you would say “Tolerate” but for how long should I tolerate?” ( I have tolerated and I can’t tolerate anymore.)
The class went quiet, all the eyes were at me with a question that what answer will  ma’am  give now?.
But…. this question had rewound the tape of my memories and had taken me back to my Integrity life class where we participants asked the same question to Vardan Sir and Parag sir.
After a while I told my students smilingly “Tolerate as much as you can. You should have the attitude of tolerance till you are living. (Bringing down the conversation to students’ level).
Next day, the same student came to me and told me , “ma’am this time I am tolerating but next time I will not, I am telling you now only”.
I smiled and told him that I am happy with you as you could show the power of tolerance today. Try and do the same even next time.
Again after few days, the same child comes to me and tells me the same thing, “ma’am,  see I spoke to him and told him that I am uncomfortable with his behaviour but next time I am not going to tolerate. I will take action, then you don’t tell me anything.
I again appreciated him for showing the power of tolerance. I spoke to him little more this time and explained to him about how he can control his anger.
The amazing thing which I could witness is that the ‘NEXT TIME’ was in control of the child. I was happy to raise the bar of tolerance each time for that child.
I can just say that the lessons of life for each one of us, be it a child or an adult, remains the same, only the situations differ.
It also gives me the sense that how often we use the word ‘Tolerance’ as a part of PYP vocabulary and in our day to day life. But it really takes a toll on our head to understand the real meaning of it and apply it in our life. It’s not as easy as we just speak it out lavishly.
I am happy that I could do a bit in my students’ life.
(It also took me back to the principles of 7 Habits, ‘The best way to learn is to teach and the best way to teach is to learn)

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