Learning and Life Classes_7 Habits

It is very rightly said in Sanskrit,

“Vidyam Dadati Vinayam,
Vinayad Yaati Patratavaam,
Patratwad Dhanam Aapnoti,
Dhanaat Dharmam Tatah Sukham”
This means – Knowledge or Learning gives Humility, Humility makes one Deserving, Being deserved leads one to be Wealthy. With wealth, one performs righteous actions ( one’s duty or Karma), and that leads to Happiness. In other words, Vidya – Knowledge or Learning is substratum of happiness.
To my mind, this clarifies learning of Life Classes that has not only helped me develop personally first and then professionally. And this might be the case with most of us, who have attended various life classes, as basically we learn something that is leading to Happiness in the true sense of the term. Even, the type of learning is such that leads to performing our duties at our best in any sphere of life.
It has been an enriching learning experience during the 7 Habits Life Classes. The Habits were known earlier as I had already read the book, but the time and opportunity given to connect, reflect and act have added more insights to the existing knowledge and made it richer and more valuable. All the sessions have given insights that have helped me understand myself and my dealings at personal as well as professional levels. The points like – How to decide Priority, 4 Quadrants, Moving from dependence to independence to inter-dependence, Circle of Influence and Concern, Principle-Centred life, EBA have really been useful for daily work and responsibilities.
Thanks to both the facilitators for making us learn in the true sense of the term. Their efforts in planning and conducting sessions are, indeed, commendable, and hence, appreciated.
A good initiative by FS as a school with a view to investing for the growth of Human beings – which is, indeed, appreciated. I am sure these efforts will enhance the ‘Patrata – being deserved through such Vidya – Learning or Knowledge’ in the true sense of the term, which is ‘the substratum of happiness’.
Congratulations to all the organizers and participants for their journey of Learning. Let’s keep this spirit up.
Mohini R. Bachani

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