Reflection time..

The purpose of life-class according to me was not only to make one aware about the seven habits and its application however it is an initiative to help us to know and understand the people around us. Everyday we are all so busy in our day to day activities and our minds are so occupied that we cannot have enough time to talk about the things related to ones lives and to understand each-other’s perceptions. Life-class more or less became a platform to share the experiences and views without the thought that anyone would judge you as we were all  strangers at first. It helped us to connect with people based on who they are rather than on what work they do. The seven habits definitely helped us to grow. I understood how to segregate things which are under your control and which are not and also extended the possibility of changing certain things. It helped me to get a better understanding about me. It was facilitated well by both our facilitators (Chestha Ma’am and Juhi Ma’am) for which I am thankful.




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