“Wonderful experience”

7 habits..!

As I came to know about the 7 habits session, I was like what is this session about? But as soon as I attended all the session I learnt so many things which were useful to me in my personal and professional life.

I learnt about paradigm shifting, I learnt to become proactive. Before attending these session I was not able to manage my personal and professional life but after attending I actually came to know about the problems and solutions for the same.

This is something that we know everything but we are not able to put solution in the actions because we want some push from our colleague or friend or a family member. And this push I got from my facilitators, Nisha ma’am and Bhumika ma’am.

I want to thank them both.

Thank you so much for showing the right path 🙂


Vipul Ariwala  🙂

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