A new experience..!!

7 Habits..!!

Attending 7 habits classes was something like again join the school life as students where teacher take lectures.. And you feel bored as usual.. but like in school as a student we feel that why studies are important..why education is needed?? Same as now after joining 7 habits classes,  I felt bored but after completing 7 habits sessions, I understood that its so much useful in personal life as well as in professional life just like education. It helps us to balance our personal and professional life.

It was a very nice experience. I have started following some of the learning in my personal life as well as in professional life. Learning these habits and putting them into action is still sometimes a challenge. However, there is always a hope. I am still learning and will continue to be life-long learner.

At last I want to thank my both the facilitators.. Chesta ma’am and Juhi ma’am.

Thanks a lot 🙂


Lots of love,

Palak joshi.

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