Art and Skills- A year long journey.

I was very excited when we started with “art and skills classes”, also after looking at the list of participants my reaction was, “MY GOD! mar gae, ye sab log bhi hai ismain”, inko art karwate karwate kahi hum apne skills bhul nehi jaen”……….. but as we started, slowly and gradually I realized that I was SOOOOO wrong, absolutely wrong. And now I am very sure, that whoever it may be, whatever profession he is coming form, irrespective of what he/she teaches, Art will always be an important part of their lives. 

The enthusiasm of participants made us (the facilitators) feel energetic even after the tiring hours of the day. I could see people being themselves on the days of life classes. It has always been a great experience working with all the participants. The best part about the workshop was nagging them to get up and go for breaks, for which they were never ready. It was difficult for us to make those enthusiastic bums to get up form their places. Those actions meant much more than appreciation. 

Be it a simple drawing or a time consuming artwork, everything was as unique as a Picasso painting………. All our newly originated Picassos will be soon displaying their talent. 

Here is a glimpse of the moment(s)…………………..

Neha Bhatia

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