EI – 3A awareness, acceptance and action

It was very fruitful learning in Emotional intelligence sessions. We made connections with real life and analysed the event we experienced. Compassionate is the most effective leadership. Three components 1 Cognitive – I understand you, 2 Affective  – I feel for you, 3 Motivational – I want to help you. We should practice to develops – Seein goodness, giving goodness, multiple goodness and strengthens the self confidence. We learned about how best team can be build and healthy relationships can be created. By listening others and allow people to speak freely is the main element. We leaned how to manage Stress whether it’s good or bad. Empathetic listening is required. Think from both parties perspective and be neutral. Know your own emotions is important, we have to be mindful with emailing. Psychological safety at work place was the great thing to understand. Emotional wellness is very important in which they suggest we should approach pleasant & unpleasant emotions instead of positive and negative.

Regarding the title: 3A, by concluding I must say one should be aware about the emotions he/she feeling, accept it and take appropriate actions for the betterment.

Life + Love — Zeta Reflection

The workshop was a great reminder of the importance of proactive decision making, setting clear goals, prioritizing our time and activities, seeking mutual understanding and benefit in relationships, working effectively with others, taking care of ourselves, and continuously growing and improving. I feel inspired to put these habits into practice and see the positive impact they can have in my life.

Life + Love Zeta

In life class sessions, I learnt about the importance of love, forms it can be expressed in and different principles that need to be followed for a successful marriage, which includes but are not limited to commitment to love, Equality in marriage, Forgiveness in love, etc.

Marriage have different mental stages and one needs to fulfill all of them to demonstrate Unconditioned love, which only happens when enough time has been spent with your love partner.

Critical Thinking Day 7 and 8

We had a lot of discussion on religion, beliefs and their importance. I myself is a religious person and do have strong beliefs. During these 2 days I came across many different perspectives regarding religion and existence of God. Vardan sir’s session helped me understand that for being a good human (what all religions teach) we don’t need religion. We must have our own values which lead us to the right path. My new understanding after these classes is do think critically before following any belief and follow the practice which gives you peace. Your motive should be humanism and not religion. These sessions helped  me clear my knowledge potholes and biases.

The heart lesson

The positive attitude that helped me secure my mind might not sustain, there’s an emotional element that needs to consider.

I call emotional intelligence the most difficult lesson to learn. It includes emotional perception, the ability to reason using emotions, the ability to understand emotions, and the ability to manage emotions.

The nonverbal signals of our body language and facial expressions are the first step. Our emotions help us prioritize what we pay attention to and react to; we respond emotionally to things that garner our attention. It can be a bit tricky as our emotions may perceive a wide variety of meanings.

The ability to manage emotions effectively is a crucial part. We need to regulate our emotions and respond to them appropriately not just to others but to ourselves too! 

Life + Love Zeta

Things that we learned in the life + love class was really eye opening for me from 7 habits to talking about death. From bonding with other colleagues to playing games with them. I learned different forms of love and things that I am not doing correctly. With all the learnings I got I think there could’ve been more activities showing those real life situations where we can applied this and some mindful meditation sessions could have been done before starting the day.

Life + Love Zeta

I really thoroughly enjoyed and had an amazing time as these life classes gave a boost of energy to implement the crucial points not only in professional life but in personal life as well. All the videos and learnings in the life classes are actually very practical rather than just going through the bookish materials. I would sincerely like to thank my both facilitators Ms. Chaahat and Ms. Yasmin for such a wonderful first life class experience at fountainhead school. Looking forward for next year’s life class too.

Life Class Learning – 7 Habits and Love (Zeta)

I really liked the life classes, as I enjoyed learning about the 7 habits, which we can inculcate in our lives to make ourself the best of us, also about the love class I enjoyed how different movies were related to explain about love and relationships, I liked how we all bonded together in this life classes which we are taking with us for a life time, I am really glad that such Sessions are done so that we can enjoy and make ourselves better! Thank You so much! – Hatim.

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