Integrity Theta

The over all session was good. We shared our experiences of life class with other class and enjoyed the jungle gym activity. We watched the movie (MY LIFE)and after watching I definitely feel- “My life my rules” 😛 We also attended one wonderful guest session with Vardan sir.

Integrity Theta

A movie My Life- Savour life, forgive people and most importantly forgive yourself.
Jungle Gym – Face the challenges to discover yourself.
How to make a no lose decisison- Lighten up! Whatever happens as a result of your decision, you’ll handle it.


In the life class session of Integrity we explored ourselves to face the challenge the outcome was to overcome our fears and to handle the situation and take actions at proper time. Later we had Movie time “My Life” wherein we introspected on how life takes turns Nd twists, we need to accept the reality and take actions accordingly and one should forgive others and forgive ourselves as well. Later we had and interactive session with Vardan sir, wherein all poured out their views about legitimate and illegitimate pain and we had good understanding about what actions we take and what could be done. We had a group reading on the Article “How to make a no loss decision” in which we got to know that each experience teaches you something,  if we have lost on something its ok we have learned few things that will help you in future. Overall it was great understanding we carry through these life classes.


We done some hot seat and listen other fear and compare to own fear. we watched movie (MY LIFE) movie showed how one’s perspective to view life can help deal with difficult moments and end of the day we attend guest speaker session with vardan sir.

Critical Thinking – A must in today’s time

Initially, when we started the class I was not sure how I will be able to have serious discussions or think critically. However, as when we went further in the sessions there were a mix of intense and mild engagements, a mix of watching short videos, discussions, and reflections. Some of the discussions lead to a lot of perspectives which were different from what I thought. There was new learning and confirmation of what I already knew. The engagement where we were divided into groups, given topics to research and add in our perspectives in a PPT was really helpful. It also helped us understand what people in society thought about at large. We then also had to present our topics which lead to healthy discussion.  Movies were also included in the plan along with taking our suggestions as and when it was possible.
I would like to thank all the facilitators to be great listeners, facilitating our thinking, and asking critical questions. They also shared their experiences in order to help us understand or encourage us to do so. Since we attended this workshop, I am sure it will help us in many aspects of life if we go back to what we have learned and think about where we can implement it.

Critical Thinking – Balancing the thoughts

After attending Emotional Intelligence last year, this year Critical Thinking has expanded the knowledge horizon exponentially. While last year we focused a lot on well-being and care of feelings, of ours, others, this year it was all about questioning the existence, think what is shown/ presented…


Already as IB educators, we inculcate CT a lot in units but this time CT in normal life was thought-provoking. Thinking critically, thinking hard, and discussing with others have proven fruitful to change the perspective further. Thank you to all the facilitators.

Integrity : Theta (Reflection)

The session began with a fun filled adventure at Jungle Gym. There we moved out of our comfort zone and challenged ourselves both physically and mentally. It was an enriching experience. The hot seat activity was also continued wherein some of us opened up about our fears and insecurities and how to tackle them in a sensible manner. We also saw a movie, MY LIFE, wherein the protagonist suffered from a terminal illness. The movie was all about his journey from finding out about his illness to the last day of his life. The fact that he had only a few months to live brought about a positive transformation in him. The movie taught us that we need not wait till it’s too long to transform ourselves. The internal transformation and shift can happen whenever we want it to happen. We also had a guest speaker session with Vardan Sir where we explored the multi faceted dimensions of parenting styles, impact if childhood on the rest of our life, legitimate and illegitimate pain, and all about life in general. It was a wholesale session.


We started this class by revising previous classes and then we share our learning and experience of life class with other classes. We went to the jungle gym and I faced the fear in it and did an adventure activity. and also we did some hot seat activities and listen to others’ fear. we watched one wonderful movie (MY LIFE) and from that movie, we learned about how to overcome our fear and enjoy the current scenario. At end of the day, we attend an amazing guest speaker session with Vardan sir where we talked about whether the pain is important or the actions we are taking are important.


Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

Marie Curie


It was good to see how we introspected ourselves during sessions of life classes. It was small paise from our regular routine where movies and few conversation helped us to see life with wider angle. Also in previous session first we went to Jungle gym & later we saw movie -‘My life’! Inspite of knowing major issues in life the movie showed how the central character identified the real triggers and showed amiability in his life. Also it was great how our HOS talked about few actions that need to be taken on correct time which can help us to achieve milestones with less hastle.

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