Day – 4 & 5, As we started with a short film ‘If anything happens, I love you.’ from this short film, we got to know about the types of fear. We were reflecting on it and then read an article on ‘Responsibility’ and it does give us a new perspective and the sharing of other participants helped me to with the new point of views towards the world. I will implement the sharing of others in my daily routine life. After that, we watched the movie ‘Kuccha bheege Alfaz’, The storyline was really good for that movie and also we identified which type of fear the characters portrayed in the movie. Before that we watched a short film ‘The relationship manager’ and we identified the fear of the lead characters of that short film, and after that, we filled a RAP sheet where I made a new paradigm for me after doing the sharing of the class.

Integrity – Theta

We came face to face with our fears when we spent a good amount of time reflecting upon the questions in the RAP sheet and filling it. We also thought about possible action plans and how we can shift our paradigms that prevent us from conquering our fears. The movies that we watched also drove home the point of how people from all walks of life face different levels of fears and pave their way to emerge victorious. But just as life is a cycle or a loop, fear is also the same. When we conquer one fear, another one crops up which needs attention. But perhaps, that is the beauty of life!

Integrity Theta day 5

“Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it.”

–Judy Blume

This quote pretty much sums up the ongoings of the Integrity class . The sessions basically focused on taking responsibility for our actions and and accepting that things may go wrong at times. So instead of focusing on why did it go wrong and play the blame game it is best to understand what went wrong and try to rectify things if possible. The short films as well as movies shown were a reflection of what we dealt with in the previous sessions. The RAP sheet helped us to understand our paradigms and what holds us behind. All in all it was a helpful task that guided us to understand where our actual fears lie and how could we over come them.


हमने एक फिल्म देखी और यह पहचानने पर चर्चा की कि पात्र किस प्रकार के भय से गुजर हैं। हमने हमें अपने स्वयं के डर पर विचार करना पड़ा और इस पर विचार करना पड़ा कि इसे और अधिक रचनात्मक बनाने के लिए इसे कैसे ढाला जा सकता है।

From integrity to intellectual progression

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”
– Richard Feynman

Taking onus of our own actions is one thing which I am propelled to do since childhood. However I missed at times to be accountable when it comes to professional and personal life. After watching few stories and movies in life class and knowing how to handle types of fear in life was literally reconnoitering few of personal life experiences. I wish this journey goes on & we stay more dynamic by knocking the disturbing elements tactfully from our life.

at Intigrity Theta Day 4 and 5

Overall it was a good time during Intigrity Theta day 4 and 5 at Music room. We have started the journey with refelction of preivious sessions. I have modified the mission statement as per type 3 of fear. We have seen two short film , “If anything happens i love you”, “crisis” and a feature film “Alfaz bhig gaye”, and “Mimi”. These film help us to understand different types of fear and pain in real life while we discuss it in class. Meanwhile we have through a “RAP sheet” and filled it. where i have written about “fear of my life, cuase of it, old and new paradigm, how to overcome that and vision”. Thank you percy sir and honey mam for the facilitation.

Integrity Theta 2021-22: Is anyone responsible for our pain?

Is anyone responsible for our pain?

No, we have choice that we suffer or not for any others actions. we learned how to react on a things that happened. we always blame others for bad things and move out from the things easily. we take a responsibility for failure and find out the ways to correct it. we fill RAP sheet to find out the legitimate & illegitimate pain and the mission statement.

Integrity Theta- 2021-22 Day 4 and 5

We have worked on our mission statement and have reflected on our fears. We learned how we are responsible for our own actions and how we have a tendency to blame us or others for things happening. We learned how this process of blaming is counter- productive. We watched a movie and had a discussion on identifying what type of fears were the characters going through. We filled the RAP sheet which led us to ponder upon our own fears and reflect on how it can be molded to be more constructive.

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