Integrity Theta

Integrity- Theta,
In this life class of integrity, I must say that I have learned so many things and I have identified my fears, what are my fears and on which level those fears are, are they on level-1,2 or 3? By the help of my peers reflection and facilitators I have come across so many new things and also how to overcome fears. I have learned that whatever the situation or at wherever you are, you just can not avoid fear. Sometimes it’s so easy to face your fear than to hide from it. I watched some short films on how to overcome the ‘fear’ of an individual. It was really helpful. I learned about what is failure and how to avoid the failure. It was really very helpful to know about my own perspectives on failure and also how can we overcome failure. We watched a very awesome movie ‘Fatherhood’ on how the actor is facing the fear and how he is overcoming his failure. It was a really helpful session to know about our own self and to saw integrity to ourself.

Reflecting on Integrity


These woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. – Robert Frost


This quote often help me to see myself balancing between two or more pursuits in my life. Apart from stories, videos, documentaries & quotes, life class has revealed about few milestones that were easy for me to achieve & tough ones. Also there is more sharing from members that often helped me to introspect myself. And most importantly all sharings and learning helps to think in context of school’s mission statement. Not only we strive here to be a good teacher but having sound personal life can help us achieve our mileage easily in professional life & vice-versa! Thank you FS.


Grey Area

Life is not always black and white for me integrity was just being truthful and doing right for the people I interact with. But after two days I have realised it is much more than just a word and its a broad term where we face the fears, we acknowledge it and we live through it and we way past it.

We discuss the stories and then we realise there are common pains and we all live through it and we all are sailing in the same boats. So all in all it is Dilo me betabiyaan leke jee rahe ho to zinda ho tum.

Integrity – Eta

Takeaways from the session:

  • this might sound like something very general, but it still struck me hard while watching a video, that I fear things because I implicitly feel ‘I will not be able to handle.’ So I feel I need to, first of all, remove this from my mind that I will not be able to handle, or the numerous WHATIF’s that come to my mind.
  • following positive affirmation will help in adding positivity to life.
  • I really liked the ending quote “I am powerful and I am loved, I am powerful and I am loving, I am powerful and I love it.

Learning integrity with theta – Day 1 and 2

Dear friends,

As the time passes, it is the 3rd year in the journey of life class at FS. Now, it is integrity with theta team. We are the same team since seven habits and love classes, except two – three new members. Due to that we are very comfortable in sharing our experiencing and understanding with each other.

We have Honey Mam and Percy sir as the integrity facilitator. It is the wonderful experience of sharing integrity learning with them. We have done following activities.

– Finding fears in my life & three types of dear with example.

– Difference between judgement and perception.

– Importance of Relationship, Live on, Move on.

– We also watch two short film and a feature 🎥 called “fatherhood”, where we witness different types of fear in more details.

– We also read two story about fear and discuss with all.


Looking for the more fun and learning time ahead in upcoming life classes.








Integrity Theta

I really thank you both the facilitator. I learned a lot of new things and way to make our life and strength better. Specially regarding the fears. I have a some of fears in my life but I am much well prepared for it to face and I am sure I will be able to overcome them. Also loved the movie Fatherhood. It was really inspirational.





Dar Sabko Lagta hai…Feel the fear and do it Anyway..

The beginning so far is very engaging and insightful.

I got to know and understand the types of fears that I have. The intensity of fear and the level of the fears were known. It helped me to categorize my fears as per the levels. I realised that most of the fear that are on the surface are either not in our control and just  happen. And the remaining are the  that needs some action. Level 2 fear caused by the inner state of mind causes more damage. The level 3 fear of the unconscious belief that “I can’t handle it” generally causes the long term damage in life.

These fears are going to remain in life however we need to just do it and overcome them. We need to imbibe the confidence of “I can handle it, no matter how bad it is” will evolve us from victim to Victor.

The sharing from the fellow participate help me to connect with my personal experiences and gave me confidence to face my fears and overcome them.

Infact today itself I started to handle one of my fear and I know I can handle it now.

Sochna kya Jo bhi Hoga Dekha Jayega!!!

Integrity Theta- 2021-22

Integrity: Doing the right thing when no one is watching. With past 2 years of life classes(7 Habits and Love Class), Integrity is something intriguing. The other 2 seemed clearer from their names, I could guess about them a bit before the class but Integrity is surely different. In these two days we started with judgement and perception which led to fear eventually. Fear is something we all live with but before these 2 days I have never really dwelled on it. We learned about the 3 different levels of fear. We listed our own fears and then categorized them in to the 3 levels. We shared what we fear the most and what role fear has played in our lives. We ended with a mission statement where we listed our fears and how we will work upon it personally and professionally.

Integrity – Theta

I entered the class with a perception that this is going to be super heavy and boring! In no time I changed my mind and got engrossed in the session. I loved all the short movies and how well it was connected to the topic – Fear. I realized how a few of my fears were just surface-level fear and it got me thinking about how to overcome/fight the fear. I am looking forward to moving from “I will handle it” to “I handled it”

– Nami

Integrity – Theta

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.’
–Marie Curie

The quote pretty much sums up everything that was covered in the first two sessions of life class. Fear is just a state of mind arising from the various paradigms that have been injected into an individual due to familial or societal pressures. These sessions have opened a new world for me and now I look at fear from a different point of view. There are certain things that definitely needs to be taken care of and certain fears to be put aside. Fear arises from failure and failure is nothing but our expectations. It is we ourselves who define what is failure and once we learn to overcome it the world becomes a much better place for us to live.

Framing a mission statement for myself is the first step for me to overcome my fears and become a much better person. I intend to work on it seriously as I know this will help me to be the person I have aimed to be.

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