Critical Thinking – Reflection

Critical thinking class made me think critically in any situation whether it is personal or professional. As everyone thinks critically whenever it is needed but to be conscious about it that is necessary. I have started realizing and stopping myself to fall under different types of biases, placebo, etc. Even I started thinking and sometimes did research first for any matter. The best part of this class was the discussion which gave better clarity of any topic and let it go on without interruption. I appreciate Amaan sir and Shraddha ma’am for making this workshop interesting, engaging.



Critical thinking: 2020 : Reflection of life class

With the beginning of this Academic year, I was not finding any other interesting topic except – Critical Thinking to attend.

As we started with the classes, my interest was growing to learn more and more about the topics. As in this workshop – long discussions, lots of  sharing and group tasks helped us to look at things with different perspectives.

The most important thing that I learned was to know ourselves and to know our thorns. It seemed like a big challenge to look deep within ourselves to find out the things that are causing pain. Moreover it is even more difficult to overcome them.

The other thing I learned was to know about different  biases. Many of our fears are also based on these biases and this is what I aim to understand and work on next.

All these sessions, sharings and different perspectives have helped me in understanding the situations in a better way and have widened my horizons of thinking and making decisions differently. 
Being at home in this pandemic situation and attending these classes virtually has definitely added a new experience.
Great efforts are taken by Shraddha and Aman to make these sessions interesting. 
Thanks to both of you and whole critical thinking participants, for making this year’s workshop
 a successful one.

The Journey Of Thinking Critically!!

Finally!! I can think critically 🙂 I used to think I am not a person who can question ideas or suggestions that I have been receiving from the other end but the sessions and of course thanx to my facilitators who have in a way imbibe in me the art of asking questions and not just be a passive recipient of information. I can proudly say that I am now a ‘CRITICAL THINKER’ who can identify, analyze and solve problems systematically rather than just by intuition or instinct. Thank you once again and have learnt a lot… 🙂

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