Critical thinking: 2020 : Reflection of life class

With the beginning of this Academic year, I was not finding any other interesting topic except – Critical Thinking to attend.

As we started with the classes, my interest was growing to learn more and more about the topics. As in this workshop – long discussions, lots of  sharing and group tasks helped us to look at things with different perspectives.

The most important thing that I learned was to know ourselves and to know our thorns. It seemed like a big challenge to look deep within ourselves to find out the things that are causing pain. Moreover it is even more difficult to overcome them.

The other thing I learned was to know about different  biases. Many of our fears are also based on these biases and this is what I aim to understand and work on next.

All these sessions, sharings and different perspectives have helped me in understanding the situations in a better way and have widened my horizons of thinking and making decisions differently. 
Being at home in this pandemic situation and attending these classes virtually has definitely added a new experience.
Great efforts are taken by Shraddha and Aman to make these sessions interesting. 
Thanks to both of you and whole critical thinking participants, for making this year’s workshop
 a successful one.

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