My Journey to Rejuvenate myself – The beginning!

I had been in a paradigm of knowing everything, I felt that I know it all, now this was never an issue that I couldn’t connect with others due to this but it means that I always want people around me to be sorted with their selves. I had a lot of problems and issues in my past, I overcame it myself, I knew I had no one to held my hand when I suffer, so I always wanted to be there for others but until Life classes I did not realized with habit “seek first to understand than to be understood” that we not always have to speak our perspective or make a prejudice judgement on someone that we know what they are going through and pass our resolution and expect them to follow that. They have their own roots for problems, not everyone is same, and the way I figured out my issues, they should too but on their own. We just need to help them reaching a point where they can stand up for themselves, showing them how to decide, not giving them our own directions to follow.

This was the hinderance I figured in myself that I seek other people’s problem to give them my way of dealing, but now I know and I am confident to lend a hand not to pass my map, but to help them decide how to choose direction, so when they reach the destination, they will cherish and be independent and responsible towards their decisions.

I would like to give all the credits to My fellow participants who helped me shift my paradigms and specially My Facilitators who conducted this amazing sessions that helped us to find our own flaws to work on it.

A wonderful life-learning Experience, and Happy to take a step to Rejuvenate myself. Excited for new Life classes!

7 Habits Beta

This year long sessions for ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ was altogether a different learning process and experience.It shows that how learning is a never ending process, and you can never get enough of it. It was an experience which has nurtured me in different ways. Life classes has made me a better version of myself. It has made me accept different perceptions and different people.

Life classes has even helped in realizing that how judgmental as a person I was beforehand. However, with this span of time, I have learnt a lot many things which will aid in my further learning. My key takeaway from this session would be focusing on things which you have control upon- circle of influence. It has been a delightful experience overall.

7 Habits Beta – Final Reflection (20-21)

In a constantly changing world, having life skills is an important part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. I have learned a lot many things from Life class but I would like to share the two important things which actually changed my life,

  • I was an overthinker kind of person. Overthinking causes many negative impacts in my professional and personal life many times. After learning about the circle of concern and the circle of influence, I have decided in my mind not to think about any situation which is not in my hand or control. To be in the circle of influence, I had seen many positive changes in my life. Thanks to life class for this.
  • I have also developed the habit of first to understand then to be understood, instead of judging any person it’s always better to see things from their perspectives. This thing helped in making good relations with everyone

Thanks to life class for showing me the new way to see the life.


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7 Habbit Beta (Nishith kumar Goel) 2020-2021

It was an amazing and Enthusiastic session of life class. As a new member of the F.S family Life class was a lot to me. All the 7 Habits are the actual key of 7 the principles of life. Thus the 7 habits class was a great experience with fun and emotion and a method to interact with different people from the school and learn from each other’s experiences and opinions. I am heartily thankful to our facilitator Mrs Priti Maam and Vandna Maam.

7 Habits beta 2021

Life Class at Fountainhead School in the first year with 7 Habits is an asset for the employees as it provides an insight in the habits of lives of people which can be a boon for progressing in varied fields. It helped me look into my own self and also evaluate myself. It helped me improve my efficiency in work place and in my personal life. I am really glad to say thanks to the management for arranging such beautiful and knowledgeful life class. I have grown emotionally, mentally, socially and personally working on all 7 habits. I can now value other’s work and also build emotional bank account with people in life. My paradigms in life have also shifted when I view from others lens of sight. My facilitators are too good to make everything light and cheerful. The sessions were all full of participation and sharing experiences of life. Great learnings and sharing!

7 Habits Beta (2021) – Final Reflection

So our Life Class ends here but the learning will go on. The experience, the memories will stay. The person I am now, is a better version of me who will strive to continue working on myself as per the 7 habits. I was a socially reserved person, but found myself at ease during the sessions. Be it the facilitators, the members, everyone created a safe, comfortable environment. I saw most of us dropping our inhibitions and learning to accept things on which we have no control over. I saw many of us being more grateful for things we were taking for granted. We apologized for our mistakes and said thank you to the people around us by acknowledging their worth.

Overall, it was an experience that showed us the the best way to approach life and its experiences.

We all came in the Life Class as very different people who had different circles of influence and various paradigms.

But we are leaving as people who know the value of principles and who have a renewed perspective on LIFE.

Life Class -7 Habits (Beta)

Life class has given me the strength to slowly overcome the challenges I had in life being an over emotional person. I feel this platform has given me the 1st step to come across people having various challenges and problems in life and how they have overcome it. The best day was the physical class where we met with the group members and worked together. That experience was the best throughout the life class. Where we formed groups for our final group presentation. And then we came to know more about our group when we started working together. Finally we ended with our presentation and it went well presenting our learning. So for this I want to summarize using a Quote ” Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Finally this class is a 1st step to life changing process. All thanks to our facilitators @priti.pimpalkhare & @vandana.sharma for making this class so interesting and interactive which will be a memorable lifetime experience.

Learning from 7 habits

The Seven habits book by Stephen Covey implies to each and every person on the earth across all age group. I was personally not aware of the book as I do not read much novels but the basic understanding from the life class and the learning make me to remember the 7 Habits and actually apply in my real life.

Thus the 7 habits class was a great experience with fun and emotion and method to interact with different people from the school and learn from each others experiences and opinions.

7 Habits Beta

Life Class a game-changer for me, if you are looking for self-improvement, psychology, and self-help, It’s is best One. The 7 Habits Beta Class has empowered me in all aspects of my work, and the habits taught have nurtured me to be a great leader and a professional at work. The habit of ‘begin with the end in mind is now the mantra for me like time management, planning, and implementation. It has helped me to understand that I must start with a vision of what has to be achieved, and then work back through the steps that would deliver the desired result most effectively. In the same way, ‘think win-win’ is really an accurate description of how to run a Class successfully. The key takeaway of this 7 habits book is to stop focusing on the external manifestation and changes, and rather focus on your internal core, strengths, and motives.

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