7 Habits Beta

The Journey of life class(7 habits) began in May 2019, I have learned a great deal of timeless principles that yield greater productivity, improved communications, strengthened relationships, increased influence, and laser-like focus on critical priorities.This Life class has helped me to grow as a person, to develop mission, vision and values within myself, to see and understand things through different paradigms, to live a balanced life and innumerable other things.

It was a wonderful and brilliant experience to meet and interact with different people, people having different personalities(charming in their own way) and perspectives. I am very grateful to Swaati ma’am and Varssha ma’am for being an excellent, outstanding, compassionate and considerate, vivacious, benign, genuine and courteous facilitators. I am thankful to Fountainhead for giving me such an amazing experience, I am thankful to each and every great personality who was with me throughout this journey of life class. As now we are about to end this wonderful journey, I would always be delighted to reminisce about this journey.

Heard of this class, “Life class”, and landed amongst 20 anonymous people along with 2 facilitators, with no hint what it was all about. I was required to share my experience in front of all and I also did. You know why? All thanks to the facilitators’ who built an environment where everyone felt secure to share…YAY!!!! For me, these were the classes I waited for, and the reason was juggling between household chores and schoolwork, we scarcely find time to lean on our back and speak our heart. The fascinating thing was, people, listen to you here!!! It was a very cheering experience as I saw people were very courageous to show both the sides of their life.

“Do not wait for the things to happen- make them happen” – Sadhguru
Suddenly, we all were demanded to think, if we just had 24 hrs left, what were the things we would do. That “Deathbed” activity actually moved me, there I recognised that, My God!!! I have been deferring hell lot of things which meant a lot to me. That one question from Varsha ma’am, “What are you waiting for?”, provoked this feeling in me. And I was like, hell yeah!!! What am I actually waiting for?, Deathbed? Things actually took a different path from that day.

AHA moment from this life class was, “Condolence meet” activity where I had to go back and think of people, who would talk about my character and contribution in their lives. All of sudden I felt so mattering in people’s lives (yes it made me cry too, khusi ke aansu you know).

The things I learnt from these sessions are,
– to have a mission statement of our own, which is a combination of character, contribution and achievement.
– to prepare the urgent-important matrix. This is an amazing tool I have been using since the day it was introduced to me. (sometimes not urgent and not important quadrant is a tad difficult to follow but yes doing my best)
– to be an empathetic listener indeed!!!
– to realise that different people have different perspectives and appreciating them for what they are.
– to be working as a team is the best way to work with.
– to not preoccupy our mind with conclusions.
– last but not least, try exercising win-win in any situation, this is a very pleasing feeling with fulfilment.

Thank you Swati ma’am and Varsha ma’am for being incredibly and wonderfully engaging facilitators, who were really mindful of the just the best mix of theory and practical presentations.

7 Habits Beta: The Genesis of a New Life

Initially, when I was told about attending life classes I was sceptical about it. It set my brain rolling and multiple questions popped up in my mind – Why life class? What is so special about it? Why should I attend it? Don’t I have enough experience of my own? Why should someone else need to tell me how to live?

As the sessions proceeded, life class was something that I looked forward to. It changed my perception of life. The 7 Habits are indeed life-changing for those who are willing to change. They are so simple and effective and requires just a small effort from us. Yes, the most important part of it is our inner self. If you are willing to accept these changes then it takes just one step to transform our lives, and that step is to initiate the change. The one thing I learnt from the 7 Habits class is that if you want the world around you to change then you must be the one to initiate it. Initially, it was difficult, but as time passed by, I realised that nothing is difficult in life, it is us who makes it difficult by not training our minds to accept changes.

Just a small step on my part was required to change my thinking, to build rapport with my students, to create a conducive environment around me while working, to build up a relationship with my children and most importantly to think positively.

Fountainhead is doing a great job by not only looking at the holistic development of students but also caring for the mental, spiritual and physical development of teachers as well.

7 Habits Beta- Reflection

Reading a book helps in gaining new knowledge, agreed! But the life class was more like living it. I know for a fact that if I had read the book 7 Habits, even though I would have gained all the knowledge, I am sure non of it would have actually transferred to my day to day life. The life class taught us to bring our understandings to life and for that I am really grateful. As we learned each habit with examples and activities, they git infused in my day to day life as well. Without consciously thinking on it, I found my self working on the lines of these habits.

Normally as we grow older, personal growth just becomes a really low priority and even though people make plans, very few of them come to fruition. Life class is this one opportunity where for those 9 days all you have to focus is on you, and this has been a truly wonderful opportunity for growth. I have learned a lot and have applied somethings in my everyday life, especially the Time Matrix, it’s something that has been really helpful and has kept me more organized. Life class was a good platform to share and learn, I would like to believe it has helped me come at least a tiny bit out of my shell.

Refection of life class

The entire journey with the life class has been amazing.  Meeting people from different backgrounds and making them your friends, understanding them, feeling them, this is what a life class does to you. People were wonderful and each had a story to tell with inspiration, gratitude and humanity. I am grateful to all the members for sharing and joining the journey of life . I must say, it was a joyful ride. 🙂 ciao!!

Reflection of life class

This was the new and great experience to have life classes at the workplace.

I am in the 7 Habits (Beta) class, where I made new friends and I learned to interact with new people around me. It was really a great experience.

Varssha ma’am and Swati ma’am make us understand about all the 7 habits so effectively, and it really helped me to plan my professional life and personal life.

I am really enjoying life classes because it is very helpful for personal and professional life. I learned to share my feelings and thoughts in front of my classmates.

7 Habits Beta

The first class started with getting to know each other. Each and every activity was very interesting and fun to do. It was a very beautiful learning experience. The habits were taken up in connection to the real life connections. The entire planning, venues and content along with surprises was done keeping in mind the life learning experiences for the participants. Practical based applications played a major role in the entire class. The facilitators Swati Ma’am and Varsha Ma’am did their best possible in all the sessions. They made a point that all participants gave their contribution in the activities and participated well. They kept motivating us all the time. They shared real life examples to keep the participants engaged and learn various things from the sharing experiences.

7 Habit Beta Class taught a lot of things that are important for personal as well as professional life.

We look forward to such wonderful times again 🙂

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