Life class it was wonderful experience with amazing facilitators are Mayur Sir and Khushboo mam, sharing the life problem and happiness and getting the solution for it through 7 habits. It was my very first time i have attended such programme. It had helped me to manage the critical professional and personal life balance. I felt difficult to bare some topic, but however it was worth experience.


After attending life class i have few changes in me, it help me how to react and manage time. It even helped me to realize that I need to change in order to see change in my life. “Life is an amazing journey so use every moment wisely”.


I share my things to my closed ones and I am working on my problems. Life is full of ups and down it is up to you how you take it. Stay positive and enjoy every moment. Attending life class is to giving some extra time to my life to understand others as well as myself too.


I am very grateful to FS for conducting such sessions where we get opportunity to learn. Looking forward for other such sessions which will help me to discover myself and to see the world through different experiences.


Pooja koradia


7 Habits of highly effective people – Alpha

Life class !!

We kept hearing this word from various people during our training in May and kept wondering what would  it be like. Finally, on 29th May we were introduced to our first Life class session, two facilitators, and almost 20 other people in the group from various teams and even different cultures and beliefs.
Since then, it has been a wonderful journey; discovering new things and new perspectives in each session, learning new concepts and moulding ourselves into better beings by cultivating different habits and patterns. We also did a lot of activities, some fun, some that made us cry, some where we laughed hysterically. In and all it has been a roller coaster ride with lots to  learn and share. We are also very  thankful  to our facilitators for bringing out the best in us by constantly motivating us.
-Vidhi and Rutu

Life is short, break the rules!

“ You will never change your life until you change something you do daily! “


As rightly quoted by Mr. John in order to change your life you have to change how you live. But the world is varied and so are the people in it. And I am one of them.

I joined the life class with a blank slate along with a learning attitude. During the class, we discussed the seven habits by Mr. Covey and they indeed were insightful. Here I just did not learn the different habits to become successful in personal and professional life but moreover, I learned from the experience shared by different individuals. I came to know that the life I live is still so protective compared to other people’s experiences. I learned how to be strong and face every situation as and when it knocks my door with a smirk on my face.

But as an individual, I believe life is too short to be structured. I want to live each day unplanned and make the most of it. It’s okay if sometimes in the process I fall and take more time than usual to get up and walk again. But I am fine with it. Because my ultimate goal in life is to be happy and at peace with myself.


(Khadeejha-7 Habits Gamma.)

Life Class Reflection

“Only I can  change my life and life class has helped me to do that”


The concept of life class in an organisation is extremely thoughtful.

Man is a creature of habits.Our habits determine how our life shapes out in turn.

Life class makes us consciously aware of some habits that we follow.  There were the concepts that have helped us to understand ourselves better and we were also helped to overcome some of our set paradigms to lead a better life. Sharing personal experiences with each other helped us to understand people and the world around us without judging them and knowing the different ways of approaching the same problem. These classes also have given us lifetime memories and really good friends.



-Devanshi and Shrija

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