Learning from life

This is a new experience in my life where I have learnt how to lead a good life using the 7 habits. I have seen some transformations in me after attending the life classes. Be it in my behavior, mindset, personal and professional life, I personally feel there’s something which has happened good in me after implementing certain habits in my life. Since many years I’ve always believed in the positive thinking but still there were many a times when I used to feel helpless in handling different situations. The 7 habits classes helped me in identifying my problems for the concerns and that of influence. It helped me to set my personal goal to lead a fruitful life and be a good husband and father. I thank Fountainhead school to make me aware of this and to go through the right path for better living.

Life class

This is the very first time that I have attended such session,it has been a good experience for me. We all were able to know each-other and we also shared our life experiences so that we were able to understand the different situation of every individual. Life class taught me many things like how to tackle your own life in certain situations, I have explored that every human has the similarities when it comes to happiness. But, every individual have their own problem and conditions. Life is full of ups and down it is up to you how you take it. Stay positive and enjoy every moment.

Our mentors (Ravindra Agarwal and Shraddha Patel ) for life classes have guided us about the 7 habits.  I am glad to have them as a facilitators.

I want to thank my peers, they have been empathetic listeners throughout the session. they make me feel like a family. Thank you, and I am glad that Fountainhead school is conducting such sessions for their staff to enhance and channelize their life towards better quality.

Life lessons

The journey of this life class learning had being an amazing experience, this was a very first time for me attending such programmes.

Lessons regarding the Belief and values were the most focused topics and with deep knowledge and thinking.

It really brought a huge change in my thought process and perspective, it was something that I implemented in my daily practice and will follow throughout life.

Life Long Learning Through Life Classes

I’m still not able to come up with the fact that one year has passed by and today is the last day of our 7 Habits Life Class. On the first day of our life class, I did not expect the change these life classes would bring in both my professional and personal life.

I’ve always been a sentimental person, who tends to overthink things. Small issues affected me a lot. This created a lot of stress in both my professional and personal life. This journey of life classes made me realize what is actually important in our lives. It helped me shift the paradigms I had, made me realize how win-win is a frame of mind and heart that can be achieved when we seek to understand our counterparts first. One of the best parts of this workshop was the sharing that used to take place within the teammates. It made me realize that I’m not alone and this is something everyone goes through one way or another. Even listening to their insights was a great learning experience.
I’m always going to keep in mind the teachings of Stephen Covey (reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book had been a great help) and last but not the least, a big thanks to our facilitators for conducting these sessions for us and giving us such a wonderful opportunity.

7 Habits – Gratitude for Life Class

Finally we have finished life classes now. Happy because 9 days were full of fun, great learning experience, better understanding of different perspectives of different minds. Regardless of the fact that we are now moving forward with higher grades and new learning experience, still I feel to learn more in depth the habits which I have been through. I feel the 9 days spent over are even less for more and wide understanding of the book. Also sad because the same facilitators are not going to conduct love class 🙁

Well, apart from what I feel, I have a great learning experience of 7 habits, which somewhere or the other by its own implies in my life. One of the best habit which I like a lot and on which I always repeat to read is “Be proactive”. It not only helped me intellectually to become aware of choosing my stimulus and respond accordingly, but also helped me emotionally when circumstances arises around. Situations may come and go, whether it is bad or good, but you do get a freedom to choose your response for the stimulus you get from the experience of outside world. Another thing which I liked a lot is to “Be”, it helped to improve my work(any work I do) efficiency as from now “I don’t have to do it” but instead “I prefer to do it”. And that is why now what I prefer, I do it 100% anyway :). and the best part is, differentiating my circle of influence and circle of concern around. I remember I listed out all my circle of influence and concern in my diary and put my efforts to imply upon, well, implication here is bit difficult, but, that is what habit as to be which will last long inside us.


Another thing which influenced me a lot was prioritizing my work. What is important, what is not, what is urgent what is not, how to differentiate them and make a priority chart. I even shared to my facilitators that though I knew about this 4 blocks of priority, but never implied upon it. When we gone through the session, the very next day I did was making that same chart on Photoshop and get a print on A3 size paper and stick on my desk. I started sticking my notes on it based on prioritize and it was way very helpful. I took a snapshot and shared to my facilitators and just told them that its very awesome to imply such thing! Again repeating, end result may not be that different like, even after prioritizing work, I might have ended up working after deadline. But that is fine I guess, it surely works more effectively. 🙂


Very grateful for the life class by fountainhead, and happy and grateful for most amazing Facilitators Ravi sir and Shraddha ma’am 🙂

Life must go on…

These 9 days of life class were amazing. I learned a lot. It has changed my perspective to look at life. I have started applying the learning of life class in my life. Time management and prioritizing my work helped me the most. Thank you Shraddha ma’am and Ravi Sir to share your real life experiences. Both of you were amazing mentors. As I am discontinuing working with FS I will miss the opportunity to attend the next Love Class. But Life Class was an amazing experience.

My Journey of Life Classes and How I changed myself.

First of all I would like to thank to Fountainhead School  for such a session where they want the growth of the person. Before this class I was totally blank about Life Classes but when I joined, I was so inspired and got to know myself personally. I started to implement the 7 habits in my life and I came to know from my family that after joining this school you are a changed person in every area you are confident, you listen carefully, you have changed your thinking. I am thankful to my facilitators Ritu ma’am and Suruchi ma’am for facilitating the  Life classes.They both are cool and calm and helped me in every habit where I needed an example. It is a wonderful journey with guidelines,sharing and experiences.

Life is a like a mirror, it reflects what you offer!

7 habits- life classes was the best experience I have ever had. Our facilitators, Shraddha ma’am and Ravindra sir gave us a great insight on how one can evolve by practicing all the habits. When I read the name 7 habits, I always wondered what it would be and how is it going to help me to achieve the things that I have always been repelling from myself. It seems as if the name is so ordinary but holds an extraordinary importance in our life. I learned about different paradigms and how we can let these paradigms not to influence our lifestyle. After the completion of one year of life classes, I have succeeded in developing a self confidence in myself because of which I have started attracting positive things towards me. Last but not the least, I’m highly grateful to FS to provide us such an amazing opportunity along with amazing facilitators, to guide us through and help us evolved immensely.

Way to go FS!! 🙂

Life Class = A new way to see Life.

Our life doesn’t just happen, it has to be designed by and molded accordingly by us. This is the very first time I have attained such Class which is for personal development. Through this journey of life class I have got a privilege to see life through a different perspective, to understand the situation and people before judging, to know the importance of the 4 Quadrants in life and manage work accordingly which I’m completely following. Through this platform I got a chance to know more people and witness their life closely and understood how simply being an empathetic listener can heal lots of emotions.

I’m thankful to my facilitator Shraddha Ma’am and Ravindar Sir to explain the motive and purpose of this life class, to give real life examples which helped us to connect well with some of our life situations. The whole aura of the life class was so positive that it actually made us all share our deepest and the darkest secrets with our peer participants. There were tears of joy and sadness too but those moments brought us all together as one.

To sum it up, all I can say is “Responding is better than Reacting to the situation in life.”

7 Habits Life Class

The best part of being in Fountainhead School is the personal development. There is no doubt with respect to professional development, but when it comes to personal development, it is also focused.

1st year teachers have to attend the Life Class based on 7 Habits by Stephen Covey. They have nothing to do with our professional work related things. It’s like having a refreshing break from the busy schedule of our jobs. For me, these habits are a key to a balanced life. Throughout the life class, there have been a lot of amazing personal sharing, not only by the participants but also by the facilitators. Hearing all the varied kinds of experiences makes you learn so much. It doesn’t stop there, its also a step ahead in knowing your work community better.

When I joined  Fountainhead, I was lost in my professional work so much so that I didn’t have time for my personal work. These life classes have helped me priorities my tasks while keeping the end in mind. This has helped me balance my personal and professional life. It has also made me realize that one must focus on personal well-being. As a result of which, I have started working out and controlling my food habits – focusing on physical well being. I have also started reading a book and doodling, which focuses on my spiritual well-being.

I would like to thank Fountainhead School and the facilitators for giving such an amazing experience and learning.

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