Forgiveness….A small word with a deep meaning

I never knew what actually ‘Forgiveness’ meant till I attended the last session of Love class. I always thought of forgiveness as an obligation for the opposite person who commits the sin. For me, it was always an action or process of forgiving someone or being forgiven. After reading few articles and watching videos, I realized that forgiveness helps us more than the person whom we are forgiving. It helps us to overcome the pain and start afresh. This was a WOW learning for me (though I took time to understand and accept this fact). It is rightly said by Mark Twain, “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the rose sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

Thank you Nayna ma’am and Anita ma’am for sharing this with us!!


Life classes – A rewarding experience

I was really scared when management approached me for taking a  life class on 7 habits. I agreed without thinking much but internally I was worried, then this came to my mind, My wish! yes, my wish….  I always wanted to learn the seven habits once again because I believe reinforcement is important.

I started following Secret which is my funda “Ask, believe and receive” but secret also says be specific for your wish, that I didn’t and it came to me the other way round not for only learning in fact with more than learning that is teaching and learning. I heard this quote- “The best way to learn is to teach” and that I did, it worked with me. I am really blessed that I got this opportunity to pass my knowledge which will help others in becoming the leaders of their life.

While planning and facilitating I gained immense knowledge which really helped me to take vital decisions of my life especially parenting. I started adopting its learning which says the change starts from within- The inside – out, first change yourself, work on maturity continuum from dependent to independent and then interdependent because the world today demands that. I did the same, I cannot control the situations under my circle of concern so I stopped reacting to them. I try to expand my circle of influence by following these guiding principles like fairness, honesty, integrity, human dignity, quality, potential, and growth, keeping in mind empathetic listening and seek for the best third alternative. The major change I brought in myself is fitness, there is always a need for balance between production and production capability applies to physical, financial, and human assets, which made me understand me and my health, I started with a 30 minute daily walk and adopted healthy food habits.

The workshop really inspired me to integrate different responsibilities in my  personal and professional life. It helped me to address the need to restore the character ethic in our society. Gregory J. Newell, U.S. Ambassador to Sweden rightly said- Stephen Covey’s deliberate integration of life and principles leads to squaring inner thought and outward behavior, resulting in personal as well as public integrity.

Special thanks to Stephen Covey for the inspiring and enriching book and to Fountainhead school for giving me this opportunity to learn.


Chesta Dhingra

Learnings unlearnt and re-learnt at FS Life Class

Attending 7 Habits Life Class was something like solving a puzzle. At times, it happens that you know things but it is the only matter of understanding where, when and how much to apply that knowledge.

Having attended the ‘7 Habits Class’ enlightened me in this direction. I am a person who always tries to prioritise upon responsibilities but in this process it has happened many a times that I have missed out on sharpening myself or understand others, upon which I have started to improve myself.

I also have been able to come out of the circle of influence, on the boundaries of which I have been existing for long.

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