7 Habits and Love – Karan G Sharma

In the life class, I’ve gained profound insights. People often create paradigm based on one’s past. My work priorities will be: spending time with family, pursuing my passion, then finding a job, going on trips, and limiting social media. Realizing life’s brevity, I’ll greet, help, and apologize to others. I learned to focus on my actions, not others, and to make my own choices. Grateful to Sufiyan sir and Jyoti ma’am for their guidance, they’ve taught me invaluable life lessons. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your thoughts and stories. These teachings have enlightened me, shaping a brighter path ahead.


– Karan G Sharma , AI CHATGPT

7 Habits and Love-Beta_blog post_Vijan Masani

Greetings to all. I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who put up with my bakbak during the full two-day sessions. A sincere thank you to our facilitators for leading such a fantastic session. @Sufyan Saiyed @Jyoti Banthia I may have come out as monotonous, boring, annoying, too detailed, or sarcastic at times, but everything I said was done only for the goal of sharing. I have a tendency to trust others joyfully, as well as to share ideas that make me glad or excited. without any awareness of when to pause or how much to say.. I’m still working on it, as well as improving my speech, pronunciation, and use of Oxford English. So I want to say thanks for being such an amazing audience, completely without judgment. Really, that means a lot.
Another crucial point is that I must make one important commitment. Essential agreement. All of the information about our life that we have disclosed is private and sensitive. In light of this, I hereby declare that I will not spread rumors about or disclose information about such talks to anybody else. Likewise, I expect the same from each of you. Within our small life class family, please keep everything secret.
– Assisted by CHATGPT.

7 Habits & love Day 1-2 (Gamma)

We had a two amazing sessions on Day 1 & 2 which were conducted by Ravi sir and Vaishali Ma’am. In the two day we had a group discussions and a lot of sharing about our thoughts and problems that are going in our daily lives and how these habits can help us to tackle those problems. The sessions were very Interactive and had a lot of fun while interacting with everyone. I learned a lot by listening to the problems of Ravi Sir as well as others. We all should focus on our circle of influence not on circle of concern. Thank you so much for the amazing session.

7 habits &Love Gamma day 1&2

‘Habits are an integral part of life.’
little did I know what was I going to come across when I stepped into the room full of new people. It wasn’t scary but a bit unusual to be spending 2 whole days with a group of people you have never interacted with.

Habits! They are the woven beads of life which we unknowingly go on attaining. How would it be if those beads were just the perfect size, shape and color? Ah! That would be a dream though. Cause the magic lies in imperfection. I certainly pondered over this thought when our facilitators Mr Ravindra Aggrawal and Ms Vaishali Patel put forth the question ‘what is a perfect life to us?’ The intertwined situations and sharing amongst us lead towards the habits step by step. Group discussions, pouring out, laughing out loud and those fantastic energisers left us in an awe. It helped us in understanding our life and several situations better. We were moulded into a different personality and had changed paradigms when we concluded the life class. This was the time to introspect and clear the doubts. The activities aided us to comprehend and deepen our understanding of living life.

7 Habits & Love Gamma Day 1 & 2

As Life class was my first life class I was really excited about life class. Before that I have heard about life classes but when for the first time when I attended this 2 days then really get to know about life and its importance. I would like to thank to our facilitators to give such a wonderful knowledge. Next wonderful topic was “paradigm shift”. After learning about that my way to look at the people and their situation is totally changed. The first habit which I have learnt deeply is “Proactive”.  The goal of this habit is to teach us to think about those results before we decide what to do. The second habit which I have learnt is “Begin with end in mind”. This habit teaches us when you begin with the end in mind you gain clarity, which will naturally help you become more efficient. You’ll be able to plan and strategize for the best route to your goals. In the last the mission, our own life mission. That is really helpful to gives a clear goal of my life. I am really thankful to Fountainhead School to gives us such a knowledgeable sessions.

7 Habits + Love – Gamma (Day 1 & Day 2)

First of all I would like to thank the school for organizing such wonderful and transformative life classes. It was truly an amazing experience. Also to the facilitators Ravindra Agrawal Sir and Vaishali Patel ma’am who put their heart and soul to make this life classes a success! These life classes aimed to empower us with valuable insights and practical tools that will elevate our personal and professional life.

We explored the power of being proactive. We learned to shift from a reactive mindset to one where we take full responsibility for our actions and choices. They made us understand that we have control over our responses to any situation and can overcome obstacles with confidence and determination.

With the second habit, the facilitators encouraged us to craft a clear vision for our life. We discovered our core values and long-term goals. By visualizing our desired outcomes, we created a mission statement that aligned our actions with our aspirations, providing a sense of purpose and direction in everything we do.

Time is a precious resource, and how we utilize it impacts our success. With the third habit we delved deeper into the art of prioritization. We learned the techniques to distinguish between urgent and important tasks by the four quadrant “Prioritization Matrix’, which will in future help us to focus on what truly matters. We learned that by mastering the art of time management, we can boost productivity, reduce stress, and achieve greater work-life balance.

By the end of these life classes, we felt equipped to implement these life-changing habits and unlock our full potential.


Life Class – 7 Habits + Love – Gamma

The Life class was held by Sir Ravindra Agrawal and Vaishali Patel Ma’am


It was my first life class which was an amazing experience it explained us about the vision of seeing things differently and in a broader horizon. Sir explained about the paradigm shifts that how we usually judge something in a different aspect where as the reality is something far more different. They also explained us how reactive we become, and that happens most of the time with me in personal life so how we should be proactive in our behaviour so that we don’t harm others sentiments so basically undoubtedly we don’t realize ourselves how we reacted. Sir and Ma’am gave us lot of real life examples which made our mind absorb different learnings from different people with different opinions. Learned alot in these classes and would like to improvise a few learnings and with a positive impact on myself.

Looking forward for more of these life classes and last but not the least the icing on the cake was Sir’s guitar and singing for energizers which we all cherished.

Unleashing Habit-1,2 & 3

My first life class. It was amazing and refreshing 2 days where we tried to introspect our emotional and mental being. With some heartwarming questions and some harsh truths we surpassed the 2 days as a group with ease. It just did not focus on our professional development but also our individual growth that was need of the hour. We had sharing that helped us reveal our own truths and sometimes it even helped us in unraveling the actual meaning of the question.

Our mentors opened their hearts out so that it was easy for us to pour our minds and hearts with information and valid examples for the benefit of the group as whole. All in all it was a beautiful break from the mundane tasks with positive energy and hopeful future with a better version of ourselves. I am indeed grateful for the beautiful start of this journey with new perspectives and new horizons.

7 Habits & Love (Day 1 & Day 2)

I had an incredible time during the 7 Habit+Love Class. It was a journey of self-discovery, and I learned valuable lessons that have positively impacted my life. One crucial aspect was being proactive, which taught me that I have the power to control my responses to challenges, boosting my confidence. Time management was a game-changer, helping me set clear goals and utilize my time more efficiently.
Additionally, the sessions covered the significance of the 7 habits of highly effective people, such as integrity and character, which play vital roles in achieving genuine success. We explored paradigm shifts, emotional bank accounts, and embracing differences, fostering a synergistic atmosphere.

Reflecting on 7 Habits Day 1 & 2 (Delta)

I was a part of the Delta, led by Utsav Sir & Wilmont Sir.

It was a very fun-learning space that I got to share with my colleagues. Although I knew all the content’s crux, I got to look at it again and reflect on my current situation. My paradigm that ‘because I know the content, I will get bored’ got shifted.

I really liked the idea of starting the sessions with some activity always. That increased the fun and connectivity element in our sessions. The sharing done by everyone could help me connect to the session topics in further detail. Somehow, connecting with the speakers as well. During the session, there were a lot of times when I felt like sharing my situation, but couldn’t get myself to talk about it. Maybe, I will get the courage to do so next time.

Even though I knew the concept of Proactive behavior, the reflection on my trigger points helped me get to the core of my current situation. Because of this I also had a self-realization moment. And now I plan to work on it. I could constantly connect one of the sessions about classroom management (done in training), with the ‘between stimulus & response’ activity. Furthermore, the website used to make the mission statement was very useful. I feel I would want to give a little more time to that in my me-time. Lastly, I am very interested in the EBA concept, and a revision of the same, was something I am grateful for.

Overall, in these 2 days, I got to revisit all the concepts again, where I could reflect based on my current understanding and situation. Which made the sessions more relevant to me. I got to have lots of learning. And with these new & deeper connections with my colleagues-now-friends, I had a sort of rejuvenating weekend. Seriously, can’t wait to attend the upcoming sessions.

Signing off,
Avina Agarwal.

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