The Canvas of Self-Exploration- A journey through art and skill!

This year, I embarked on an exciting journey of self-discovery through an art and skill workshop as part of my life classes. Filled with eagerness to explore my creativity, I looked forward to the upcoming days with anticipation. As the workshop unfolded, time seemed to slip away, leaving me amazed at how quickly it passed. Through moments of introspection, I discovered a newfound appreciation for my patience and ability to enjoy moments of solitude, especially when immersed in the vibrant world of colors. Each session brought forth opportunities to delve into various forms of artistic expression, allowing me to broaden my horizons and push the limits of my creativity.

Reflecting on this experience, I feel compelled to encourage others to embark on their own artistic journey. We all possess the potential to create beauty in our own unique way, and through art, we can tap into that innate ability. The workshop wasn’t just about refining artistic skills; it was also about embracing the artist within each of us. It served as a reminder that art is not only about the final product but also about the process of self-discovery and expression.

As I look back on the workshop, I am grateful for the lessons learned and the memories created. It was a time of growth, exploration, and inspiration. Moving forward, I carry with me a newfound sense of confidence in my creative abilities and a deeper understanding of the importance of embracing creativity in all aspects of life.

Art and skills- Crafting Creativity

This year, I decided to delve into the realm of arts and skills, experimenting with various techniques such as lippan art, tissue craft, pottery and wall painting, canvas bag making and cooking. Among them, lippan art stood out as my favorite, particularly because it was my first time attempting it and demanded a great deal of patience but the result was incredibly rewarding. Exploring pottery was an exciting addition to my creative journey! It had been a fascinating new experience getting my hands into the clay and shaping it up. Finishing off with culinary arts is a delightful way to round out our exploration of creativity! Thank you!!

Art… an important part of me

In a bustling world, where schedules are often packed and time is a luxury, finding moments to delve into creativity can feel like a distant dream. However, amidst the chaos, I chose art and skill life class of all the other optional classes—that not only rekindled my passion for creativity but also deepened my understanding and appreciation for various art forms.

The class is a melting pot of artistic expression, offering a diverse range of activities that spanned from crafting terracotta pots to mastering intricate Gond art. Each session promised a new adventure, a chance to explore different techniques and mediums under the guidance of Priyanka and Neha.

One of the highlights of the course was working with terracotta pots. As I molded the clay with my hands, shaping it into unique forms, I felt a profound connection to the earth and its raw beauty. The process of sculpting and painting these pots awakened a sense of mindfulness within me, grounding me in the present moment..

Overall, my experience in the art and skill life class was nothing short of transformative. It not only honed my technical skills but also enriched my soul, igniting a passion for creativity that continues to burn bright. As I reflect on the journey, I am grateful to Neha and Priyanka who helped and guided me to explore the boundless realms of art and deepen my understanding of its profound impact on me.

Art:Therapeutic and Self expression.

In the art and skills class, I learned many new art forms, some of which I already knew and others I tried for the first time. For years, I hesitated to draw human forms, thinking I wasn’t good at it. However, when I tried a few folk art forms such as Gond art, Madhubani art, and Phad art, I realized that I am good at it. All the art forms I tried were therapeutic, calming, and healing. I am passionate about art, and it brings me immense happiness while doing it. When engaged in any art form, I become completely engrossed and lose track of time.

A journey of exploring creativity

Engaging in the art and skills life class provided me with a diverse and enriching experience. Exploring various forms of artistic expression, from lippan and tissue art to canvas and wall painting, allowed me to tap into my creativity in unique ways. The fusion of traditional techniques like anemone art with modern elements like plastic canvas bags showcased the versatility of artistic endeavors. Additionally, the inclusion of cooking as a skill added a practical dimension to the course. Overall, the class broadened my perspective on creativity.

Exploring Creativity: A Journey Through Art and Craft

Reflecting on my learning experience in art and craft, I find myself profoundly enriched by the diverse range of activities I’ve engaged in. Pottery provided a tactile experience, allowing me to mold and shape clay into unique forms, teaching me patience and precision. Lipan art introduced me to the intricate world of indigenous designs, fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity and storytelling through art. Tissue art challenged me to think creatively, transforming simple materials into vibrant and dynamic compositions, igniting my imagination.

Wall painting allowed me to explore the intersection of art and space, teaching me how to utilize color, shape, and perspective to evoke emotions and create atmospheres. Making bags provided me with practical skills in sewing and design, while also encouraging sustainability and resourcefulness through upcycling materials. Finally, cooking became a sensory journey, blending flavors and textures to create culinary delights, teaching me the importance of experimentation and attention to detail.

Overall, my journey in art and craft has been a holistic one, not only honing my technical skills but also nurturing my creativity, cultural awareness, and practical abilities. Each activity has left its unique imprint on my learning journey, shaping me into a more well-rounded and adaptable individual both in and out of the artistic realm.

connecting Arts to life!

Arts & Skills..

For me Arts is all about Portraying who you are.
Sometimes Messy and sometimes beautiful. ❤
This is what I am too.
Learning to work with pen, paper, colour, threads, mirrors, clay is equal to learning to take various responsibilities of life.
These classes has helped me to have a vision of a product and than work accordingly to make it reality. Just like I create small goals of life and try to achieve them.
Here are the list of beautiful art works that I learnt during these classes.
Lippan art
Wall painting
Cross stitch
Glue gun art
Tissue paper art
Pottery workshop
Fabric painting

Thank you for facilitating these wonderful sessions Priyanka Chahwala & Neha Bhatia.

Exploring Art and Skill: A Journey of Creativity

In the realm of artistic exploration, there exists a captivating fusion of tradition, innovation, and personal expression. Recently, I had the enriching opportunity to delve into various art styles and skills through a captivating class. This endeavor proved to be a transformative experience, unveiling the profound beauty and therapeutic essence nestled within artistic pursuits.Among them, two really stood out to me: Lipan art and pottery.

Lipan Art:

Lipan art wasn’t just about making pretty pictures; it was also about understanding the rich history and meaning behind each stroke.

Pottery: Creating Beauty from Clay

Working with clay to make pottery was another highlight. There’s something therapeutic about shaping clay with your hands and seeing it transform into something beautiful and functional. It’s like connecting with nature in a whole new way.

Painting on Walls: Surprisingly Therapeutic

Wasn’t sure what to expect from the painting on walls session, but it turned out to be really calming. With each brushstroke, I felt more relaxed and in tune with my surroundings. It was like painting away stress and worries.

The facilitators of the class were amazing! They made learning fun and exciting, and their enthusiasm rubbed off on all of us. Their guidance and support helped us explore new skills and express ourselves creatively. We’re really grateful for their awesome teaching!

My colour journey!!

I’m delighted to have joined art skills classes, initially feeling naive and anxious about where to start. However, under the guidance of Priyanka ma’am and Neha ma’am, I created various art pieces such as tissue paper art and lippan art, with the latter becoming my favorite, adorning my home as a unique nameplate. Additionally, learning wall painting was an incredible experience, unlike anything I’ve encountered before. Overall, the journey felt like a roller coaster ride, with initial uncertainties transforming into awe-inspiring final products.

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