I always believed that there is one supreme power, i.e God and followed some or just few practices/prayers or fasts. I never used to believe in going temples or doing Pooja daily but if asked never thought to oppose it.

Religion was never an issue for me because my family doesn’t believe in it. Hence, they always kept it open for me and I made my own choice of not following it at all.

I’m aware that whatever happens with us is just because of our lack of efforts or sometimes things are not in our hands and everything just revolve based on our thoughts like placebo effect.  I hold the thought of, “What goes around, comes around(Karma.)” I still believe that god has definitely thought of something good about us and everything is destined. It’s just a matter of time. We need to have patience. But then the question is when will that time come? Should I really wait for it or accept it or think differently and search a different way out of it? Or just wait for the destiny to decide?

Last two sessions were very enlightening. I still believe that there is God, “Being on safer side” but have my own set of questions, so still confused little bit. But definitely I’ll seek for reasons before following anything blindly. No questions as of now, but yes bit confused, probably with the passage of time it’ll get sorted.

Kiran Tulsiani
“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.”


  • Shezin Siganporia

    I can completely relate to what you say “I still believe that there is God, “Being on safer side”!

  • You will still require patience for solutions to come your way and it may not come as well. You believe in God or not has no effect on patience. May be your belief in God is giving you hope to persist and if it is taking you on positive side, then good.
    I would like to understand what do you mean by “safer side”.

  • What goes around, comes around – Karma – I truly believe in this.

    You should do good deeds not just for the sake of getting something good in return but also as humanity.

  • I agree that God is the supreme power and do good karmas only.

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