Reflection- On My beliefs for God and religion!!

I am not sure what power does the god have or is there a god or gods??? But I do have a faith that there is some sort of supreme power- who is a creator of everything and looks after us- so that means do I believe in God- Yes- but for me God is someone who is looking after me and reminding me it’s you who have to work for yourself- as I truly believe in this statement- ‘God helps those, those who help themselves.’

Religion- I never understood what the religion is doing for me- well other than making me weak- I have been told that if there is any problem do some sort of pujas or certain mantras it will solve it- but it never has!! For past 20 years, I prayed I did all sort of Pujas that my life would be better but nothing happened. When I think now I just lost my time, money. And when I took corrective steps myself – I was able to handle my life and certain situations are not in our hand so I left them. Taking charge of my life helped me- I felt strong, responsible for my life. But then these are my thoughts. While my family follows certain rituals and does various pujas and I never stopped them.

I also believe religions divide us and not only different religions but the same religion with sub-division make us superior-or inferior from one another. I doubt whether religion plays a major role in one’s beliefs and values as according to me all religion says we are one and we all have god within us then why a rich person is been respected and a poor person disrespected???? Why has a man all right to take decisions while a woman is just for cooking food?

If I talk about myself I believe my beliefs and values are derived from the situations I have faced. And it’s all about humanitarian grounds – where for me all are equal, and both have equal rights and brain (which many of us don’t believe). So do I believe in religion- Yes as for me my religion says- be courageous, believe in yourself and show kindness.

To sum up- I do believe in God who is a creator- I do participate in certain religious affairs and sometimes I do enjoy meeting my distant relatives during those occasions. But mostly I participate because of my mother as she gets happy with my participation.

After the workshop, I will question myself will I continue participating in religious affairs which I don’t believe; and the answer is- I don’t know. But yes I will think critically and maybe have the courage to questions their belief too!!


  • Vardan Lalitkumar Kabra

    I really liked the way you have stated your beliefs and then critically evaluated them and also realized that while you may not yet (or ever) have all the answers, you will still think critically about them. Way to go, Priyanka.

  • “If I talk about myself I believe my beliefs and values are derived from the situations I have faced. And it’s all about humanitarian grounds – where for me all are equal, and both have equal rights and brain (which many of us don’t believe). So do I believe in religion- Yes as for me my religion says- be courageous, believe in yourself and show kindness.”

    Yes, I truly agree with you on these lines and I strongly believe that for me my religion is my Karma.

  • I also believe that there is some supreme power.

    I agree to the point that there is so much of difference between rich and poor, even in temples there are VIP darshan and all..thus the idea of religion / God leaves me in delima.

  • Well, the idea of ‘some power, somewhere’ seems inviting a lot of questions in itself. However, being a part of religious beliefs, when you don’t believe in, is quite simple. Out of my limited understanding, I believe, what is important is to have clarity of what you believe in, rather than fighting to protect your beliefs.

    A truly well written!

  • A common thread that i see across some posts is that when people have started “thinking” as opposed to “following the set pattern in the family/ conditioning”, they have asked some hard questions of themselves. And when people have taken charge of their thoughts and actions, they have discovered the “divinity” or the “god” that lies in each one of us. And thats a powerful shift. What role then religion or supreme power still play? IMO, it is a way of helping us stay humble, grounded and realize that we cannot control all that happens in my life and something when you leave to a supreme being that you “believe” in to handle, that will ignite the “supreme being ” or “divinity” in us to take charge and help us think straight

  • I completely resonate with whatever you’ve mentioned in your post especially about the religion , such a great thought which I think we’ll would agree to – be courageous, believe in yourself and show kindness! I wish this was the only religion the entire humanity had!

  • People nowadays using religion not to build but destroy more. They use it as they want to use it. I really hope that that start making efforts and use it for the betterment of the mankind and humanity. To create equality and not inequality. to be the same for all.

  • Jyoti Khandelwal

    There have been so many things, which is turned and twisted and now, we call it religion. Religion never said and differentiated amongst humans. It has now become more as – theory of convenience and we feel free to modify it our ways. Most of us participate in rituals just for our family and not to attain eternity, I am sure!!

  • I have attended Pujas and havans, just to avoid the current situation of life. But what destiny has planned, will happen in any way! Rituals are only a way through which these priests make money.

    But today I critically think and evaluate certain beliefs and I am happy about my thoughts.

    Thank to this workshop, through which we all have been conditioned to critically evaluate certain situations.

  • I too agree that there is God and he is the supreme power. Rather then believing in religion I more believe in theory of Karma.

  • At times I’m also in the dilemma when my beliefs doesn’t align with my family’s beliefs. I don’t find any way out at that time. I simply follow it just for their satisfaction. I think the appropriate way would be to make them think differently by being firm about your beliefs. I’m putting little efforts in my own way. For eg: Instead of pouring full glass of milk on shivling, I have thought to pour little to shivling and give remaining to poor to make it win-win.

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