My reflections!

What did you believe about God & religion?

I have been quite confused about  God’s existence. Especially coming from a family that has many superstitions and conservative outlook. After many life experiences, I started questioning god, religions & traditions. I didn’t find meaning and happiness in them and was fortunate enough to follow my own thirst about god without any interference from anyone.  

What doubts did you have, if any?

In weak moments, whom to talk to, to look up to. The only thing that I would mention about any god in a way was chanting the “Gayatri Mantra” to gain strength in situations that involved confrontation or situations that required courage. Apart from this I do think or talk about god.

What are your beliefs today?

Got some clarity to my doubts/confusions. To start of will replace the Gayatri Mantra with some self talk/affirmation or talk with an imaginary friend.

What questions do you still have?

Not as of now. Actually many but head is really messed up now!

Regarding religious beliefs, what do you see people grappling with?

Pressure from family members especially elders who aren’t ready to even listen to a question, conditioning, lack of courage and much more.

One comment

  • I guess religion associates itself with a lot of Dogmas. Even if I know in my head that I do not believe in “A” particular ritual, it is not easy to say no to it. But here again, the fact that some people go with the flow or follow something may not mean that there is no clarity in their head.

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