Reflection – Existence of God

I am a strong believer in God. When I say that I am believer, I mean that I believe in the existence of God. That, God looks after all of us. He maintains an account of our karmas and thus, we either have good times or bad times in our life. Also, these karmas are not just from the current life but, it is the account from the past many lives and in order to have a balance in an individual’s life, the consequences/rewards are been given.

I felt that the religions are the origin of our beliefs and that they make us. But, on the contrary, religions are man-made which is thus the outcome of our beliefs. Stating this way, the beliefs are the initial point and people with common beliefs come together to form a group and thus, form a religion.

I still believe in the karma and the existence of God. Our deeds take us to different paths in the life and our beliefs are the root for our actions. But, I don’t believe in practicing rituals without understanding the benefit for the same. I think that every step we take is based on the experiences and also exposure to the better information.

Religious beliefs, as I said, are man-made beliefs and it is been modified and sub-divided according to the different mindset of people. It is also based on how people perceive various beliefs and values. So, religious beliefs does create conflict among people living in the world. These are actually the way of dividing people according to their area of interest. But, religious beliefs are the tools which are used by people in order to act according to their own interest.

To conclude, being a critical thinker, there is no harm in believing in the existence of God and in fact, it helps us not to do wrong deeds.


  • Shezin Siganporia

    I somehow can’t understand the concept of book keeping of our karmas, and that too not just from current life but even past many lives!
    Also why do we need to believe in God for doing good deeds????

  • Good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to good people. So where is the karma ledger helping God to understand the deeds. So either God is all powerful or all fair. Clearly he isn’t fair, and accepting that he is all powerful, I don’t understand the significance of the ledger then.


      You have done ll good deeds in this life. Yes u might have not done the good ones in the previous lives. And, you cannot even maintain the records its like since so so many lives…. That is the reason God keeps the account and maintain it for us. This is how he is fair with everyone of us.

  • Pooja, I understand what you are saying but leaving everything to God and his book of accounts . i am not so sure of that…

    • This is definitely not easy. I mean, how can we leave our accounts to someone we haven’t seen yet.. But, there are many other things to this.. Like, how did this world come into the existence then? How is it possible that, there are 5 people in a car, the car met with an accident, from them, only 1 survives or any kind of ratio. Now, the question is who maintained this ratio? Who decided who is going to die and who is going to have a tough life living with some serious lifetime injury? Obviously, we human beings cannot. Then, who did it? I still agree that we haven’t seen him. We don’t know where does he stay. All these questions are definitely to ponder upon.

  • “Being a critical thinker, there is no harm in believing in the existence of God and in fact, it helps us not to do wrong deeds.” Are you then a critical thinker? Is it fear or your individual decision to do good deeds?

  • Jyoti Khandelwal

    For me, God still exist, in the form of positive energy and mindfulness. However, book keeping seems like a difficult task to me(with no offense). I still need to think critically on this!!

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