God ..religion…???

Always a question to hold… whether there is a GOD? Just because I cannot prove his existence or his non existence… what does it boil down to?

I always believed there is a Supreme power above us who can do as He wills, and we are not supposed to question Him…. I am doubtful whether I will ever be able to question His plans… maybe after death.

What if there is no afterlife? What if all this is an elaborate hoax??

People need to have some anchor for understanding the good and the bad– morals… religion was meant to guide people towards the right path… it evolved into something more sinister… a leader who is hungry for power.. a money making device… etc.

Maybe its time to rethink our beliefs about God and religion, as all knowing and all encompassing.. everyone cannot be right for everything and hence religious leaders maybe wrong on some points and right on some points.

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  • I agree that we should not blindly listen to someone just because he is a religious leader. We have to decide for ourselves whether what is written or being said, is making sense to us…..it depends on our own interpretation of the religious text.

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