Lifeclass 17 and 18th Feb

I believed that there is some higher being who helps me in my everyday situations, who does miracles in my life and shows me a right path. There may be different religions but the supreme being is one. My question is who is this God? Is the God he or she? Does it have a structure? Is it like human? Why can’t I see it? How can I see and get a confirmation? Lot of unanswered never ending questions. Why do I have to follow a religion although I don’t. Why do they ask for it in some type of form? What does religion give you? I have seen my grandparents and parents who don’t believe in rituals nor religious beliefs and they were and are still happy so then what actually a religious belief give you? I can’t stop writing questions.

After the critical thinking classes and the chart paper activity, on the first day I was  little more clear that I believe in almighty or some higher being and have some relationship with spirituality but definitely no relationship with religious beliefs or rituals. My guilt in me, that I don’t believe in rituals nor possess religious beliefs is one of the reason that I don’t share a good relationship with my in laws, went away. I more at peace with myself now.

On the second day, I realized that my definition of higher being was an imaginary friend with whom I like to talk and it can me given any name, not necessarily “God”. At the same time If I called my friend a God then I need to explain people what is my definition of God. I also realized that miracles happen when I have the answer within myself and it is that moment of realization which makes me think it is a miracle.

Being a biologist, I still have a question that in case of sudden natural deaths, how does the functioning of all cells come to stop at a same time? When you meet people who are spiritual leaders why do you feel good? What is so different in them? What is aura? Is there any positive or negative vibes which spiritual leaders say?

With present world, I think people tend to believe more in rituals and religion may be due to media influence or current happening in the world or conditioning or herd mentality.




  • Ayman Shaikhmahmud

    I have always been intrigued by the idea of spirituality/spiritualism and I agree that one tends to feel an aura in the company of certain individuals. What is that aura all about? I have always wondered about that. All the answers lie within us and yes that moment that we find an answer to our question or our quest is the moment we experience a miracle. There may be a God or there may not be a God, the question is, are we good humans? Let us be good humans and all other things will fall in place.

    • Ayman, in my search of my life mission, I have come to a conclusion and that is the same what you said. “I want to be a good human being.”

  • I agree…This brought back a memory when I visited Vaishno Devi around 10 years back.. After a 21 km long trek when I reached the Bhavan, I felt that all my soreness is gone. I have had similar feelings when I visited Salim Chisti Drgaah or Bangla Saheb. If I recall, I can still feel that peace. Now if I try to rationalise, it could be completion of the journey that made me feel so.

    I feel its not the place, but my own feelings and beliefs that I associate with them that led me to feel the peace and calmness. One more thing that is common in the above places is that vast natural surroundings where one would breathe fresh morning air, or see the sun setting and feel calm..

  • I do believe that there is some supreme power who governs our life.
    However, who is that indvidual is unknown and I feel that performing my duties is the in the right way is the only way of worship in my life.


    I too have these questions to ask. And, i am sure i will get an answer for it some day or the other. Talking about the vibes of the spiritual Leaders, I think that not all the spititual leaders are able to create the positive impact on the surrounding. And, if it does so, then that might be the positivity in us which makes us feel good around them. This happens with few people around us as well. The ones who have a positive approach towards life, are carefree, they also have the capacity to spread their aura around them. Here, I believe, that if it is possible for any spiritual leader to have such an impact then, why do we get to listen the unethical acts done by few of them!!!!

  • I visited temples, performed puja’s and kept fast for the sake of my marriage as per the demand of my mother and grandmother. I did that for some time then realized that nothing is going to happen this way. Things will happen when the right time will be there. My belief in god is not limited to temples, idols, pujas and vrats. There is something beyond that – a connection that cannot be described!

  • Same things happens when I try to search for answers to some questions or when I am upset I don’t know whether i talk to myself or GOD & If by chance i get the answer to it.Oh! that is a feeling of miracle & love which god is showering on me.

    I still don’t fully believe but i think it is I whom I talk to and I get the answers.

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