Life class (7 Habits & love- DELTA)

It was a privilege to participate in the life class led by Wilmot Sir and Utsav Sir, delving into the principles of the 7 Habits and Love. The experience was nothing short of transformative. Throughout the sessions, the mentors created an inclusive and engaging atmosphere by sharing personal anecdotes and encouraging open dialogue among participants. This authenticity facilitated meaningful connections and insightful discussions. The class activities were thoughtfully designed to promote understanding of the principles being taught. From role-playing exercises to deep soul-searching, each activity contributed to my personal growth journey. The mentors allowed the discussions to evolve naturally, encouraging participants to explore their own perspectives and insights.

As the class progressed, I witnessed profound transformations within myself .The principles of the 7 Habits and Love became guiding principles for living a more purposeful and fulfilling life. I am grateful for the guidance and mentorship provided by Wilmot Sir and Utsav Sir.

Thank you !

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