7th Circle-Exploring the water we swim in everyday-Learning

Dear All

Thank you very much for your participation in today’s circle. the journey of learning and understanding truth of any matter is at times painful, confusing and at times very joyous one. it will manifest in every one in different ways.
Reflecting back on today’s circle I felt the tension between ‘desire’ to share more and staying connected and walking with  everyone at their pace.
Over stimulation can engross people in their own thought and in the process, getting disconnected.
The trap is that to understand such aspect at a very deeper level needs leisure and lot of time but “desire’ to share more creates misalignment.
Secondly, as we move forward, we will be going into the next orbit which demand time and energy in exploration and inquiry.
It is also time to look back and evaluate life -circles individually, is the format, content and process working for you or it is better to spend time otherwise.
Happy Exploring
In service

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