Thoughts on understanding in totality

Dear All

 Thank you very much for your presence in the circle. There is lot to chew on what everybody shared and suddenly i felt the spot light which up till now was focus on others have shifted to looking  to ‘ourself’ in that light.
Is that good place to be ? I don’t know. Everybody needs to explore on there own and understand facts as they are. What we shared today is just a piece of information, We all need to process that till we are not through it in understanding it in totality. A mere following what others have said will not take us anywhere. Anything that is followed blindly conditions us and does not let our understanding flower.
It would be a wise thing to do, if we start from where we are and start experimenting with small issues and conflicts in our life other then focusing on terrorism or any other form of extreme violence. Mind will enjoy debating on the extreme issues on violence spectrum and labelling it right or wrong, possible not possible, difficult etc…
Needless to add, that me and Mihir are not interested in proving any theory or ideology, but are there just to hold space, learn and enjoy our time being with you all. We would be more then happy to listen to any radically different perspective and learn, so feel free to write or share if are moved too.
We would start with our next theme which is “ Learning” in our next circle whenever that happens.

In service.

Mihir and Parag.

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