Pre-work for the next circle

We started with Organizing, then to service and listening as our theme and sharing with you an very interesting real life anecdote which sums it all very beautifully. “holding space for person who didn’t introduce himself”
 “Most people look at their suffering and want to suppress it or express it, but in between lies the art of observation. If we observe it, the state of mind that holds the suffering passes away. No state lasts forever.
and some additional reading on “Assuming value everywhere”
 Author Michael Talbot explains: “In the middle of the retina, where the optic nerve connects to the eye, we have a blind spot where there are no photo receptors. When we look at the world around us we are totally unaware that there are gaping holes in our vision.” So what we perceive to be the whole picture is actually an extrapolation, a projection that fills in the unknown based on the known.
When we think we know, we look in the direction of the supposed answer. By knowing that we don’t know it all, we create enough space to be able to withhold conclusion, becoming open to all directions. From an interpersonal standpoint, this kind of humility opens us up to the potential of synergy, and to the benefit afforded by taking in other views. By deepening my ability to listen in this way, I can examine things from multiple viewpoints, and in areas where I need to change my understanding, or even unlearn a contradictory perspective, I give myself that option.
In service 🙂
Mihir and Parag

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