6th Circle

“How shall I experience my oneness with creation?” “By listening,” said the Master. “And how am I to listen?” “Become an ear that gives heed to every single thing the universe is saying. The moment you hear something you yourself are saying, stop.” – Anthony de Mello
Dear All
Thank you very much for a very intense and rich circle. The depth of Sharing and Questions left me delighted and I hope the circle was able to create valuable insights for all of us.
Mihir’s sharing about Listening and Human mind was very insightful and must have left lot to chew on for all of us.
I wish everyone dives deep into the insights and do self experiments to internalise our learning, will be looking forward to sharing in our next circle. meanwhile sending you couple of very small articles on the same lines for further reading.
Looking forward to Listen to all of you
Parag and Mihir

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