5th Circle-Service–going further

Dear All

Thank you for being part of the circle. It is good to see everyone goes through the homework (readings and video) and share there reflection. As we listen to different perspectives deeply, there is subtle learning and shift which are not very remarkable or easy to spot but there is a shift and that is a seed of deep learning to emerge.
My attempt would be to create and hold more QUESTIONS and EDGES to our reading and reflections, just holding different questions enlarges our perspective of any content or worldview. If we can create more questions online and hold it together,  it would add more to our perspective and learning and it would be very synergistic for all of us which is collective creativity.
We are done with our second theme which is “Service” and we will go forward with our third theme in our next circle, meanwhile looking forward to your feedback and suggestion if any as we go forward. I am complete driven by intuition for the content for the circle and will look forward to any suggestion for change or tweaking if any. I would also request all ( a great opportunity to serve) to share online, offline and beyond if you have anything to share which enriches our time together.
Meanwhile to widen our perspective on service, (additional reading and if anyone wishes can share there reflection online)
Howard Schultz, is a CEO of Starbucks and this is what he has to say about the upcoming Presidential election in America.
Peter Buffet, son of legendary Warren Buffet, One of Richest man (in capitalist context) has to say about Money and charity.
Some tidbits around a very dear friends deeply inspiring service journey.
Happy Exploring, Learning and Smiling. 🙂
On behalf of Paragbhai

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