Reflection on”Being connected”

On behalf of Shezin


Yesterday I experienced a series of joyous moments.


First when I sat in bus at 4:50pm, I had a message from student who has given his grade 10 exam this year. He wanted to discuss something and it was urgent. I was worried asked him immediately if he was fine. He just wanted to share his experience of month staying away from family and his friends, in Mumbai (he is shifting to Mumbai for Grade 11). It was very emotional the way he shared everything with me. He said at the end that even though he is not in school now he will keep bothering me with his doubts.


Then I got down at my stop and heard two boys shouting Shezin ma’am across the road they came running and met me. Two boys from 2014-16 batch who just completed their G12 exams. They had so many questions. “How is everyone at school? How are you? Do you miss us ma’am? Ma’am please stay in touch!”


I was so touched and happy with these gestures.


I then went to VR mall with my husband I was just looking at something in over crowded shop (ZARA Sale) and suddenly one of my student whom I met last before a year and half came running to me. I was his mentor teacher when he was in Grade 7. He came and hugged me in the mall and said “I am meeting you after so long. I have missed you so much. Now I am in Grade 10 and doing well. Ma’am stay in touch. Hope to see you soon some day like this.” I was almost in tears. I had no words and I still don’t have words to express what I felt.


My husband saw me with tears and hold my hand and said Shezin you are so lucky to have them in your life. To this I replied I am so lucky to work at FS and it is all because of FS and guess what… Whom do you think I saw next????


I saw Ankita ma’am… I was clueless. I was so thrilled I went to her and I didn’t know what to say and I asked her “Are you alone ma’am?” I wanted to ask If Vardan sir was there too but I really had no clue of what I was saying.


A day full of connections and priceless feelings… Now I understand all that you were conveying.. Stay Connected!


Thanks a lot!


With permission to post by Paragbhai


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