7 habits Beta day 3 and 4.

After a long break,  life classes were back.  after many HIs and Hellos, introduction with  the new members , we recapped the previous 2  sessions and began with habit 4: think win-win; we were given many situations and had to find out whether it was a win-win, win-lose,lose-lose,win…etc and had to make them into Win-Win. 

For our 5th habit: we learned how communication is done with and without words and how sometimes, just listening to someone helps them calm down / relieve themselves.

Talking about listening, we heard from one of the guest speaker on how listening is so paramount, how to clear up the noise in our heads and how silence is getting extinct. 

The next day we got excited for the games at KG farm  in which ‘synergy’ was the focus but our focus went on winning… in the 1st game atleast.

The 1st game was, how do I put it ? ‘Intense’; it was a mixture of relay , dog and the bone and the 2nd part was a stealing game.

The next game had a blind folded player and a person who guides that through the obstacle course, but it went terribly as the person was not just blind, he was deaf too. So instructions were of no value as he couldn’t hear them.

In the 3rd game, we made up strategies and it was in this game that synergy built up, the game was a mixture of balance, coordination and involved patience and  active listening. Our team was in the lead for most of the game, but unfortunately we lost because of a little impatience; but I would still consider it a win as the entire team had demonstrated incredible lvels of coordination and the synergy was off the charts.

The final game was tug of war and I don’t know how it is possible that anyone could win at the game without synergy, we won 3 rounds out of 4 against the opposing team and honestly, it was fun.

We then came back after changing and having breakfast to continue with the final habit i.e sharpen the saw. 

We saw how important it is to sharpen oneself so that he/she may ” last longer” like the axe, we then divided the actions which are sharpening our saws and those which are spoiling it. 

Finally we watched a movie which clearly demonstrated many  habits like: sharpening the saw, begin with end in mind, synergize, seek first to understand then be understood.

These 2 days will be very hard to forget and the wait starts once again for day 5 and 6.

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