Sharing my bias!

I felt fresh, learning something new, different and significant in the the Critical thinking workshop. While reading the list of biases, I could relate myself to a number of biases but was also happy in identifying a few that I couldn’t relate too. Phew!!
Accepting and challenging my own biases suddenly seemed necessary to me.I am sharing two examples where I could identify the biases in my thought process.

Recently, I bought a pack of muesli. I opened the pack to gave some to Dev and stapled it and kept it aside. Few days later , I saw a trail of red ants on the edge of the kitchen platform. Following the ants, I realized that they were feasting on the NEW muesli. I immediately opened the packet to see the intensity of damage. They were there!! Immediately I emptied my the packet in a tray and kept it in the balcony in sunlight.

I would check the tray every few minutes. Every time I would check, I would want to see the number of ants reducing. I was wanting to avoid feeling of the loss (muesli ) as the packet was bought just a few days back and to worsen that feeling, I hadn’t used it much. Just one time serving to Dev!!

To my surprise, I was able to critically evaluate that I was thinking out of “ aversion to loss bias” or “ Sunk cost fallacy”.

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