7 habits &Love Gamma day 1&2

‘Habits are an integral part of life.’
little did I know what was I going to come across when I stepped into the room full of new people. It wasn’t scary but a bit unusual to be spending 2 whole days with a group of people you have never interacted with.

Habits! They are the woven beads of life which we unknowingly go on attaining. How would it be if those beads were just the perfect size, shape and color? Ah! That would be a dream though. Cause the magic lies in imperfection. I certainly pondered over this thought when our facilitators Mr Ravindra Aggrawal and Ms Vaishali Patel put forth the question ‘what is a perfect life to us?’ The intertwined situations and sharing amongst us lead towards the habits step by step. Group discussions, pouring out, laughing out loud and those fantastic energisers left us in an awe. It helped us in understanding our life and several situations better. We were moulded into a different personality and had changed paradigms when we concluded the life class. This was the time to introspect and clear the doubts. The activities aided us to comprehend and deepen our understanding of living life.

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