7 Habits & Love Gamma Day 1 & 2

As Life class was my first life class I was really excited about life class. Before that I have heard about life classes but when for the first time when I attended this 2 days then really get to know about life and its importance. I would like to thank to our facilitators to give such a wonderful knowledge. Next wonderful topic was “paradigm shift”. After learning about that my way to look at the people and their situation is totally changed. The first habit which I have learnt deeply is “Proactive”.  The goal of this habit is to teach us to think about those results before we decide what to do. The second habit which I have learnt is “Begin with end in mind”. This habit teaches us when you begin with the end in mind you gain clarity, which will naturally help you become more efficient. You’ll be able to plan and strategize for the best route to your goals. In the last the mission, our own life mission. That is really helpful to gives a clear goal of my life. I am really thankful to Fountainhead School to gives us such a knowledgeable sessions.

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