7 Habits + Love – Gamma (Day 1 & Day 2)

First of all I would like to thank the school for organizing such wonderful and transformative life classes. It was truly an amazing experience. Also to the facilitators Ravindra Agrawal Sir and Vaishali Patel ma’am who put their heart and soul to make this life classes a success! These life classes aimed to empower us with valuable insights and practical tools that will elevate our personal and professional life.

We explored the power of being proactive. We learned to shift from a reactive mindset to one where we take full responsibility for our actions and choices. They made us understand that we have control over our responses to any situation and can overcome obstacles with confidence and determination.

With the second habit, the facilitators encouraged us to craft a clear vision for our life. We discovered our core values and long-term goals. By visualizing our desired outcomes, we created a mission statement that aligned our actions with our aspirations, providing a sense of purpose and direction in everything we do.

Time is a precious resource, and how we utilize it impacts our success. With the third habit we delved deeper into the art of prioritization. We learned the techniques to distinguish between urgent and important tasks by the four quadrant “Prioritization Matrix’, which will in future help us to focus on what truly matters. We learned that by mastering the art of time management, we can boost productivity, reduce stress, and achieve greater work-life balance.

By the end of these life classes, we felt equipped to implement these life-changing habits and unlock our full potential.


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