Reflecting on 7 Habits & Love Day 1 and 2 (Delta)

I enjoyed it a lot and learned how important those things are, which were of the least concern for us. It was fun learning, the facilitators made it more engaging and involving, they said us their personal life experiences which built trust and we made a good connection with them. It felt like in the race of our lives we took a pause and shared moments of happiness and sorrow with each other. The group was also very participative where everyone was giving their input. I am looking forward to more such ‘Life classes’. Thanks to Utsav sir and Wilmot sir for making it so special.

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    I enjoyed the sessions as well as learned a lot about how things /situations should be handled in life . We learned the 7- habits with real life examples . The session was something that I will cherish in my FS journey which changed many things inside me on a good note . The facilitators were fantastic on their job.

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