For me, critical thinking is about objectively analyzing an issue or an argument based on its merits or demerits.  It is not about being judgmental or getting personal. Before attending this workshop, I had not realized the extent of impact of critical thinking on our everyday behavior and its consequences. I had always thought that critical thinking applies to larger issues and not to our day to day life. This workshop has made me realize that critical thinking is applicable everywhere whether it is buying dove for us or the kind of milk that we have to choose.

When I was going through the list of biases, it seemed to me that all of them have been designed specifically just for me.  But after careful consideration, I realized that I have is status quo bias, which says, every change is painful. You don’t accept changes easily because you don’t want to come out of your comfort zone. Even a small change, like changing the direction of my bed, makes me sleepless for a night or two. But then I have realized that the change is inevitable. Though changing is difficult, not changing can be fatal.

Jyoti Khandelwal


  • It is a challenge for most of us to step out of our comfort zone, take a leap of faith and do what is the need of the hour. And the rewards are surely worth the effort.

  • I could easily connect to the quality of change mentioned by Jyoti ma’am. This makes me realize how much am I worried about the changes that I will be experiencing in the near future.

  • Change is difficult as it push you beyond your limits and for a person like me who is very conformable within the set routines; it becomes all the more difficult to first make myself understand that things are changing for good many times. The learning is that life does not follow as set patterns so one need to be flexible enough to take life as it comes.

  • Accepting change is difficult for sure whether it is in personal or professional life. It also brings frustration at times. This is the time where one actually fights with own self to pass through this phase.

  • Priyanka Vijay Chhabra

    I completely agree, Change is an important factor- there are many things which we believe is right or to say is PERFECT for us- But after the activity- ‘Murdering your darling’ done in the life class- ‘Critical thinking’ where we postmortem the things we liked the most by finding the truth through research- reading people experiences — we gain new understanding whether in actual the things are really benefiting us or we are made believe in that through powerful advertisements….

  • We (ToK team) did this activity of Murder your darlings with Grade 11. Few students in my class selected McDonalds as their preference. After the activity it was difficult for students to believe what all they found. Two of them were so convinced that McD is not the right choice and tried explaining others that they need to change but the other one had very strong preference and so could not accept the change. They also said that these are small things but then if we don’t change they do have larger impact.

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